Monday, March 23, 2020

When dispair is there

He began to be troubled and deeply distressed. Then He said to them, “My soul is exceedingly sorrowful, even to death. Stay here and watch!” Mark 14:33t-34

Who can know the depth and intensity of the heart of God? No one could measure His sorrow over an unrepentant sinner or His joy over a spiritual rebel who relinquishes everything to Him. We can begin to understand what is on the heart of God only when He shares His heart with us (Amos 3:7). Are you aware of the fervent emotions in the soul of your Lord, as He carries the weight of the world? The disciples were unaware of the deep anguish in the heart of Jesus. Yet, He willingly shared His heart with them. The disciples often seemed disoriented to what Jesus was feeling. When He took delight in young children, His disciples attempted to chase them away (Luke 18:15—16). When Jesus had compassion for a woman living in sin, they acted confused (John 4:27). While Jesus wept at the hopelessness of those facing death, His closest friends grieved as if Jesus had no power to raise the dead (John 11:1—44). You can choose to be alert to the heart of God. As you seek to understand what God is feeling, He may share with you the intensity of His heart. When you are around other people, God may sensitize you to the love He feels for them. When you see others suffering, you may feel the compassion Jesus feels. When sinners return to God in repentance, you may share the Father's joy. You will react to evil the way Jesus reacts. If you will remain alert in prayer, Jesus will share His heart with you. - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

There's been more than a few times in my life when despair hit me full force.  The situations were either at my hands or were because of things that were out of my hands. 

What's that to do with Jesus?  Read that devotional again.  Being misunderstood was something Jesus dealt with daily in teaching His Disciples.  

And then you go to the end of each of the Gospel accounts. Look at what is said of Jesus.  He bore our sorrows. Our sin our shame.  Even approaching the moment of time when He was to be betrayed it was beyond excruciating to Him. It wasn't only that He knew that every sin ever committed by every man and woman would be heaped upon Him, it also was that His Father would for the first and only time turn His face away.  He knew it had to be that way but oh the pain!

People are in anguish today.  Over all that surrounds this virus.  Fear grips people.  The loss of work, of money, of any form of normalcy to their lives.  Further, normal emergencies still are happening.  Further still, countless thousands not heeded the orders of health officials.  

Worry and distress are most everywhere. 

My life is impacted, yours is, everyone.  But what do we do?  What I am doing is looking for God in the midst of it all.  Scripture says that nothing reaches a believer unless it gets past Jesus.  It was permitted for Job to go through a great deal. Many today will be in the same situation.  

Jesus will never leave nor forsake any believers.  He promised.  He keeps His promises.  

Be in His Word, the Bible. 
Be in prayer.  Talk to Him.  
Better than Facebook, much better than Twitter.  God is there.  Patiently waiting for people.   With life being limited for a while, thousands are finding themselves watching Churches online when, before this, they wouldn't have attempted it.

God is preparing to return. Jesus promised He would return.  Are you ready for that?

Do not despair over what you see in this world.  Look for God in this world.  He is looking for those yet to be saved.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 

You know that in the midst of all the pain and anguish and sorrow He went through YOU were on His mind? Yes, you.  He died a horrible death on a cross in your place. 

It makes it kind of important to find out why He would do that, don't you think?

Why would He give His life to save you?

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.  John 3:16.

He paid the price you couldn't to give you a chance to live.  But you still have to ask my friend.  It's still in your hands to ask Him to save you.  Not just from this virus but from your sins, which are much worse. 

Seek Him today while He may be found. 

Look up Romans Road online.  He's waiting for you. 

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