Sunday, March 8, 2020

If Jesus were living here today...

It's the nature of arrogance to believe that one person or people wouldn't do what their ancestors would do or did. 

Was reading this morning and was thinking of the excuses of people today for themselves. Was thinking of the hundreds of types of so-called Churches.  How few would honestly grant Jesus entry if they really knew it was Him. 

In the passage where I was, He had just had the triumphant entry into Jerusalem. 
Then goes into the Temple and it's nothing like what He just experienced.  No excitement nothing.  The following day He goes in and finds it being ran like a business.  People having total disregard for what the Temple was to be.  He drove them out, then established Himself, then began to teach.  Those who were responsible for what the Temple was turning into wanted to get rid of Him. 

In oh so many Churches today the level of arrogance towards Jesus would be astounding.  How would they be if He did the same and drove out what didn't belong?  

People throughout history always believe they wouldn't be like their ancestors.  

To that Jesus told those types of people He would send people and those same future generations would indeed do the same.  

People who will only accept their views on God are no people to be around.  Jesus sets the standard for Himself.  So many billions will be saying "Lord, Lord...we did this in your name and that in your name."  He will reply "Depart from Me, for I never knew you."  People can live in all kinds of ways, but only through a right relationship with Jesus are they living for Jesus.  The Holy Spirit brings about growth in Him. Not our interpretation of it.  It's going to be a horrific day for trillions of people to learn they got it wrong.  That they deceived themselves.  

There are no good people.  There's only those in Christ and those who are not. 

If any one person was good enough in all human history then Jesus Christ died for nothing. 

That's the standard, that's where the bar was set.  That's the level that cannot be beat, cannot be surpassed nor even met by anyone outside of Christ. 

So many people die each moment. In the next opening of their eyes, the find themselves either in Heaven or Hell.  That's as black and white as it gets. 

Truth finally becomes reality for everyone when they die.  The world loves to teach that there are no absolute truths.  God says otherwise.  

First absolute truth is that man is condemned to death due to sin. 
Second is man needs what Jesus did on the cross to pay that price.  Without receiving Salvation through Jesus Christ alone, there is no escaping that death penalty.  
Third is that the choice is in the hands of man.  God isn't forcing it upon on anyone.  However what you choose will indeed be enforced by Him.  He is omniscient and omnipresent and omnipotent. There isn't any aspect down to the sub parts of the very atoms that make up and have made up everything since before time began that He isn't fully aware of.  He knows who will say yes to Salvation and who will reject it. He knows every single reason why it will be rejected. For every person. Who has ever lived or will live. 

People today would indeed treat a physical presence of Jesus exactly as He was treated 2,000 plus years ago.  Proof is how true Christians are treated today.  If true Christian Churches provide much for the world at large for free it would be exactly like it was when Jesus fed the multitudes. When it stops, people would react the same today as they did then.  There would now only be lawsuits and protests. 

What is happening today is really no different than when Jesus walked the streets of Jerusalem.  

Jesus said that Elijah is to come and teach all things.  This next appearance of Elijah will be like before.  Even he will be treated the same ad before. 

What is happening in the world today is more and more of what's in the heart of man is being revealed.  For true Christians it's a really life with Christ.  For many many other people it's either a deeper self deception or it's a callous life.  Living only for themselves, not caring about others and certainly not wanting to hear from Christians who reflect the light of Christ. 

All over this world it's being kept out of the media of the millions being murdered because they chose Christ.  You won't find it in any American news outlet of any kind.  But it's happening.  Satan does not want to inspire any for Christ.  He has manipulated nations to mock God.  To trample upon the Ten Commandments.  To murder unborn children.  To mutilate humans. To strip people of their dignity.  To do everything possible to destroy what is important to Christ.  Think about that when you are all concerned about physical stuff in your life.  We are at war in the Spirit realm.  We are not there to shop. We are not there on a vacation.  We are not there to see the sights.  To play a video game.  Lives are at stake.  Lives.

Really look at your life this morning.  Who are you living for?  Is what happens to you more important than what Jesus wants of you?  Are you in your Bible? Do you even have a relationship with Jesus? Is He really your Savior?  Or did you really think your accepting Christ was just your way to get out of Hell?  If indeed Jesus died in your place, are you living for yourself or God?  Enough with the excuses. The early Church showed lives that were changed. People who became just like Scripture says, a new creation in Christ.  Are you? Or are you really no different than you were before you went to Christ?  Our very breath we breathe is there to give one more chance to get it right with God.  Nothing else is as important as that.  Not a single person in Hell is concerned about food, clothing or cars or housing or the sights to see on Earth.  None of them.  They are not at all thinking about work or how horrible it was with whomever boss they had.  They only know the pain and sorrow of a life wasted.  They know the horror of separation from God. 

My friend, I don't write these things you read.  I am but a tool of My Savior to tell what He tells me.  If this is making you think then His purpose has been fulfilled.

You are being given the opportunity to get your life right before Christ.  Your ancestors mocked and treated Jesus with scorn and ridicule.  Don't be like them. 

Take each breath you have seriously. 

It may be your last chance to be right before the one with whom you will face someday, Jesus Christ. 

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