Friday, March 6, 2020

Must be...not Maybe be...

“You must be born again.” John 3:7 

Regeneration is a subject that lies at the heart of salvation, and we should be very diligent to be sure that we really are “born again.” There are many who believe that they are born again, but they are not. Be assured that the name of Christian is not the same as the nature of a Christian. Being born in a “Christian land” and professing the “Christian religion” is of no value whatever without being born again. This is a matter so mysterious that human words cannot describe it: “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit’” (John 3:8). Nevertheless, being “born again” is a change that is known and felt: known by works of holiness, and felt by a pleasing experience. This great work is supernatural. It is not an operation that people perform for themselves; a new principle is infused, which works in the heart, renews the soul, and affects the entire person. It is not a change of my name, but a renewal of my nature—I am not the person I used to be, but a new person in Christ Jesus. To wash and dress a corpse is much different than to make it alive again; we can do the first, but only God can do the latter. If you have been born again, your acknowledgment will be this: “Oh, Lord Jesus, the everlasting Father, you are my spiritual Parent; unless your Spirit had breathed into me the breath of a new, holy, and spiritual life, I would to this day be dead in trespasses and sins. My heavenly life comes entirely from you—I attribute everything to you. My life is hidden with Christ in God. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.” May the Lord enable us to be fully assured on this vital point, because to be unregenerate is to be unsaved, unpardoned, without God, and without hope. - C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

There's been many polls taken on countless occasions of the religious affiliation of people.  A great percentage lay claim to being Christian.  

There's a passage in the Gospels of Jesus telling us the way to know if one is saved or if they only think they are. 

You will know them by their fruits.  It's going to be evident in their daily life.  

This isn't any really new discussion.  In those same Gospels Jesus called out the Jewish leaders, in person, the very same way that He did in the Old Testament.  

A good tree cannot produce bad fruit nor can a bad tree produce good fruit.  We are indeed called to inspect behavior.  First with ourselves, then the behavior of others.  That is the story of the log in the eye etc. that Jesus told as well. 

My dear reader, please make sure that indeed your life is hidden in Christ.  Don't assume.  Don't live your life your way and say that you are saved.  That's not a changed life in Christ. 

As Spurgeon put it, when the Holy Spirit breathes new life into one who has come to Christ, change happens.  

You are going to be much more than a 'good person'.  Anyone can honestly be a good person.  That doesn't mean that you are saved.  

Know today.  Know for sure today that Jesus is your Savior.  There's going to be a lot of people who will be left behind when Jesus returns all because they simply thought they were saved.  

Know them by their fruits.  Consider His work carefully.  If this indeed is the measuring stick, why is so much happening in this world that is the exact opposite of what the Bible says?

If indeed the greater percentage of the population of the United States says it's Christian, why are the divorce rates within the Church the same as outside of it?  Why is it even a matter to be argued concerning abortion?  God calls it murder.  As a Christian nation it shouldn't even be a matter of consideration.  And that's just one point.  What about homeless people? If the greater amount of the population were indeed Christian why are there so many homeless?  Why are Veterans fighting a second war just to be taken care of?

It really says a lot more than people realize. 

As Spurgeon says it's far more than a label.   Go to the source.  Jesus in the book of Revelation.  What did He say as He separated believers from unbelievers?

Look at His statements!  LIVING a CHANGED life brought about taking care of the poor, the widows, those in need.  
Those whom are believers KNEW.  Those who weren't tried asking WHEN did we.

A changed life seeks to be more than it is.

It's not about experiencing this world and all it contains.  This world is perishing. 

It's not about the best car, house or clothes.  It's not about being passionate about sports teams.  It's not about living in a fantasy world in games or movies.  

The truth of life in those people in Hell is no different than you read Jesus state of the rich man.  

That he wanted Abraham to send Lazarus or someone back up to warn his family to not come there!  Those whom will be separated at the judgement by Jesus and find that they aren't going to Heaven will be crying out in exactly the same way to please give them a second chance. 

You, my friend, need to know TODAY. 
Not when you've had your fun.  Not when you get around to it.  

A hard fact of life is EVERY single person who woke up dead today thought they had a today to look forward to. 

Read the headlines concerning accidents. In a split second lives are irrevocably changed.  

One morning I was going to work early.  Was just dark out, as it always is at 5:30 AM.  I had stopped by a gas station as I usually had done.  Was going to be a busy week.  Filled up my gas tank, got some stuff for the day. Headed on down the road.  Normal day.  I look up, have the green light.  Still normal.  Then the unimaginable happened.  I look to my right and can see a woman in a white minivan in the lane that I needed to get into in order to get on the freeway.  I look forward and notice that the semi truck in the turn lane wasn't stopped.  It was still coming.  Glancing to my left for a way out there was a car. To my right was that lady. What was that driver doing?  In a split second my life took a hard turn.  That driver ran a red light.  Shortening my truck by at least 3 feet. Right before impact a hand held my head and I heard "I don't want you to see this." As it covered my eyes.  In a moment the next 8 weeks of my life were changed. Indeed the rest of my life has been changed.  I had a broken arm. Lost a bone in my wrist.  Lost I don't know how many hours of sleep.  In that same time frame God used it to change me too.  I almost didn't have a tomorrow.  

You my friend have no idea when God is going to say you've had your chances to say yes to Jesus.  He is, after all omniscient. He knows the beginning of your life from the end. He knows if you will never say yes or no. There are times when enough is enough. Even Judas Iscariot, after his betrayal had opportunities to repent.  He chose suicide.  

You do not know if today is your last day. 

I don't know if it's my last day.  I know that I am saved in Christ.  My life is not my own.  He saved me, I try to live for Him. I am in my Bible.  I do my best to obey Him. I don't always get it right but He forgives me and we move on.  His love for me is evident in every breath He gives me.  He is my best friend.  He knows my heart. He is the wisest counselor I will ever know. 

Can the same be said of you?  Don't go another moment without knowing if you are saved or not.  Find Romans Road by searching online.  Ask Jesus to help you be sure of His saving you.  

If there really were as many true Christians in this world as they say they are this world wouldn't be in the state it is.  So to be real, there's billions out there who are lying to themselves as to whether or not they are saved.  Billions.  Don't assume by your behavior that you are saved.  Those denied entry into Heaven thought their behavior was good.  It's those whose names are written in the Book of life who will go into Heaven. Nobody else. 

Don't assume you have a today.  Billions do.  Don't be one of them. 

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