Friday, July 3, 2020

Destroy Sin Don't Tolerate it

Therefore I also said, “I will not drive them out before you; but they shall be thorns in your side, and their gods shall be a snare to you.” Judges 2:3

When you became a Christian God declared war on sin's strongholds in your life.  Sinful attitudes and behaviors were firmly entrenched in your character, but God commanded that you tear them down. The Holy Spirit pointed out areas of your life that were resistant to God's will. Were you tempted to establish a truce versus obliterating that sin? - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

People wonder about what's going on in the world.  There's one larger than life answer. 

People are being conditioned to accept sin and reject God.  That sin is what's good and right and denying its benefits is what makes for an unhappy life.  That those who would embrace a life in Christ are what's wrong with this world. 

Interesting that is exactly and only Satan's message throughout the last 8 thousand years. 

So what are you doing in your life concerning sin?  Look well at the beginning of the nation of Israel in the Bible.  The Lord God commanded, not suggested, commanded they destroyed utterly the people and way of life of the people in the lands He was giving them.

Obliterating.  Meaning nothing is left of. No pictures, things, buildings, monuments, anything that would turn people from God towards Satan's way. That form of destruction of things is Biblical.  Not what's happening in the world today. God didn't command what is happening right now with the destruction of lives because of not wanting to let go of sin. He was commanding to get rid of things and people who would inevitably entice people to sin.

Sin is a trap.  Or to borrow from a popular scifi movie "It's a trap!!".

The only way to deal with sin is obedience to God.  I am by no means perfected in this. I struggle daily with errant thoughts and actions that are not right in God's eyes.  My life, regardless, is not my own.  I was bought with a price, the blood of Jesus purchased me. In Christ I am perfect before God, but until I receive my glorified body I still have sin to contend with.  So do you. 

Although if you do not have Christ you can never do more than offer truces with sin. You cannot conquer it. You will appear to be a good person.  Probably very content with life. Yet without Christ's Salvation, you will still spend eternity in Hell. 

There's billions of 'good people' in Hell.

What are you doing about the Spiritual warfare in your life?  That's the battle within to conquer the sin within. 

It's not easy but it's worth every second spent on the battlefield of your mind. 

We are His workmanship. Meaning slowly or quickly, sin WILL be dealt with in our lives.  We won't be left in chains until He calls us home or are Raptured. 

That's God's promise to us. Not to leave us how we were found.  

Hold Him to His promises is what I try to do. It's not always easy to remember in the moment when sin attacks but it's what to strive for.

Today's the day to begin walking as you ought and to start removing sin from your life. 

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