Tuesday, July 7, 2020

What ARE you doing?

This morning isn't much different than others in my life.  Probably not much different than yours in some ways.  You wake up and as the sleep of the night fades you start considering the things that are to be done today or need to be done or ought to be done. 

I have always had a desire to write science fiction.  Yet, it's evident to me years, if not decades later, that God has shown me that's not a path for me.  Story ideas abound but before I either finish them or really get started, I am reminded of how short life is.  

I really believe something that I was told at a very young age.  That in my lifetime, I would see the Rapture of the Church happen.  That it would be my generation that it would occur in.  In as much as God has enabled me to be able to a great many things, His mission for me is to keep reminding and telling others the words of warning, that He is coming soon.  

I would be lying if I didn't feel a sense of regret at not being a published author, to see my name in print on a hardcover book.  But when praying about it, Jesus has shown me that I was thinking too small.  A book published and distributed globally would be too small?  This blog was what He had in mind.  Where it's gone in this world no published book could ever go.  Over 39 countries already.  

The point isn't the achievement, the point isn't the method either.  The point is, each believer has been given THEIR mission to complete for the Savior.  It's a grave mistake to believe that we have it all figured out.  That we ought to all become Pastors or teachers or some high position in the Church.  Really read Corinthians. Really read what Paul meant by the parts of the body of Christ.  If all were the mouth where would the hands be? If the arm believes it's not as valuable as another part of the body, what gain is that?  

I have seen a great many Churches constantly teach of everyone going down a singular road towards obedience to God in ministry.  Yet the object lessons taught in the Bible are to bloom where you are planted.  Be what Jesus needs you to be, right where He has you.  Can a square peg fit in a round hole? With enough force and a hammer, yes. But does that make it right?  I have read of people trying to be Pastors who are not and wonder why they suffer from writers block.  They can't put a sermon together.  Yet also have seen the opposite.  Bloom where you are planted. 
What are you doing?  Has God began showing you, but you ran the other way as some of the prophets of old did?

Is hearing "Well done" from Jesus just not something that's important enough to you?

What are you doing?  Do you live each day for yourself? Are your thoughts and concerns only about your wellbeing and your welfare and not that of others?  Do you ever sit and pray for others around you?  You may never be a Peter, a Daniel or a Paul.  But you can be a you for Christ.  Look at the man chosen to be the one to restore Paul's eyesight!  Ordinary man going about his life, serving God.  Is called to be the one to go to a man known to be a murderously angered man to heal him.  Remember Saul, before he became Paul was out to shut down the Church in any way possible, including killing people.  
Ananias was chosen by God to just be his hands for that moment.  After this we don't read about him again.  But his obedience was important enough for it to be repeated throughout the centuries. 

What is important to you?  Your rights or your obedience and obligations to your Savior?  

Anyone and anything can be slowly built up around and into your life to be a snare to slow or stop your walk with Jesus.  Being consumed with the things of this world is big enough to have been a stumbling block to even some of the top men of God in the Bible.  

What part of your day is dedicated to Jesus?  Is it only for asking His blessings on your food?  Or do you at all talk to Him about life?  Do you at all find Godly men to talk to about the things of God?  

It's not popular in this day and age but Godly men are to be the leaders in the Church.  That's the role of Pastors and Elders and Deacons.  Women are to teach women, but not men.  Women are not to be Elders or Pastors.  Look at the original language of the Bible and you will see that when God wrote it, He was specific enough to include gender.  Likewise there's no role or responsibility for anyone who adheres to the homosexual life. Romans is clear on that.  Obedience to God must include all aspects of life. An intentional sin is not acceptable and such is that lifestyle.  The Apostles were attacked for taking a stand for obedience to God's Word.  Stoned even on numerous occasions.  But as Scripture says of itself God's Word is forever. 

Are you doing anything in obedience to Christ?  Are you staying silent when the Spirit says to speak up? Are you living a Christ-like example?  A Christ-like example includes exposing sin for what it is. Jesus didn't have special programs for various groups of people to address their lifestyles.  He called them to repent and turn to Salvation.  Stop what they were doing and follow Him. Not when they got around to it.  Not when they felt differently or felt better.  Are you DOING life for Christ or for you?  Are you ar all attempting to obey Him in your day?  Or is the voice you hear and react to the voice of the world and not your Shepherd? 

What are you doing?  Everyone will give an account of their lives.  Both the believer and the unbeliever.  If Christ isn't on the other side of the scales of your life, you have lived in vain and are headed for Hell.  If you came to Christ yet aren't living wholly for Him, yes you will get into Heaven but as Scripture says it will be as though by fire. 

What are you going to do today for Christ?
Anything different now that you read all this?  My mission isn't to guilt anyone into anything.  My mission is to make you think.  Noah preached for a hundred years.  No stone was left unturned.  Yet as the Lord said only him, his wife, his sons and their wives would be saved.  Yet nobody who died was without excuse.  Nobody living since then is going to be without excuse.  All will be explaining themselves to Christ as to why they refused to receive the gift of Salvation.  All will be explaining their lives as to their living for Jesus or not.

So. What are you doing?

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