Saturday, July 11, 2020

Where is your hope placed?

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without 
wavering, for He who promised is faithful.

Hebrews 10:23

Hope in the Christian's life is not wishful thinking. It is confident expectation. Those without Christ may wish things were different and wish they knew someone who could change their situations. The Christian is personally related to the Lord of the universe, who is sovereign not only over all creation but also over every circumstance we experience. We can live with confidence because our hope is in One who is faithful.

When God speaks, He stands by His word to see that it comes to pass (Isa. 55:11). When God speaks a word to you, trust Him completely, for God never deceives His children. If God has indicated to you that He is going to do something, you can be absolutely confident that He will do it.
Do you wonder why unrighteous people seem to prosper while righteous people suffer? Jesus promised that each would eventually receive a just reward (Luke 16:19–31). Do you wonder if all the effort you have put into training your children in God's ways will bear fruit when they become adults? God promised it would (Prov. 22:6). Do you wonder if the things you renounced when you became a Christian will be replaced by God's blessings? Jesus assured us we would receive a hundred times as much (Mark 10:29–30). Do you doubt that Jesus will return and join us with those who have already died? Scripture indicates this certainty (1 Thess. 4:13–18). Our hope is not mere speculation in what God might do. God has given His word on many areas of life regarding things He will do. We can have confident hope in everything that He has promised. - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

Life has certainly gone a direction nobody or virtually nobody expected.  We are living in days that in December of 2019 nobody thought possible. we are.  Changes in such extremes to society that people are destroying historical symbols in an effort to gain attention to 'their cause'.  

I am not writing to specifically talk about those groups.  In general what we see of society is several generations of spoiled children who now have a parent telling them no.

But that parent isn't God that they are angry with. It's a person who very well could be doing God's bidding.  Realistically any world leaders who have ever lived will do God's bidding in their time in office.  Scripture says He establishes king's and removes them.  So regardless of your affiliation or nation look at why you received such a leader from God.  Scripture mentions clearly of sins of individuals as well as sins of nations.  Rulers are impacted by the prayers of Godly people.  Scripture says that too.

If indeed you need hope, there's only one place to be to get it.  The Throne of God, Jesus is waiting for you. 

I am no different than most at the frustrations of the day. I struggle to see the positive when I can clearly see the general population being lied to. The voice of truth is hard to hear among the throngs of people shouting their support of those telling the lies.  

It's often a struggle to look for a ray of hope.  To find a cord or thread to hold onto when everything you were able to 'just do' isn't possible anymore. 

Paranoia and panic aren't being treated, the world is fanning the flames of it.  Why? It still, in all that you see and hear, is Spiritual Warfare.  Wars have raged since Adam and Eve over the direction of mankind.  Sin is what's behind whatever is in the news today.  Sin.  The forced diversity that we are being indoctrinated into accepting.  That if you do not you will be punished. The forced acceptance of homosexuality which God says is sin. For many generations we are being told we must accept as a protected class of people.  Murders and thieves are gaining more rights in prisons than those outside of prisons.  Sin is being taught as what's acceptable.  If you speak against it, it's branded as hate speech.  You will likely be attacked for your stand. 

Scripture says to beware when people call evil good and good evil.  It too is a sign of the last days. 

Regardless of what your eyes see, those in Christ are to react and behave as Christ would.  It nauseates me when people twist Scripture to have Christ supposedly go along with their way of thinking. 

We as Believers should be aware that God has not changed.  Scripture is still true. His Words have never lost their power. His Will WILL be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. It's a quote from a secular movie but it's true.  No matter how the wind howls the mountain will not bow to it.

No matter if people repeat what happened 2,000 years ago or more, Scripture will not bow to the plans of Satan.  Doesn't matter if people are dragged before the courts and prosecuted.  God's Will, WILL be done.  God WILL be with those who are His.  God never left Job. Never left Daniel, never left Peter and Silas.  His Will was done in the apparent mess that was their lives. God was glorified. 

I, we, may not understand what the bigger picture is. But the picture we do see is His Will being done.  I was unable to really sleep last night. Which lead to more than a few times that I poured out my frustrations to God. His line is always open.  He has no care for social distancing. He doesn't require anything of us but to be honest, be truthful, repent of our sin. He listens at all times.  He may not answer right away but He will answer. 

We are entering a time in history where to stand for the things of God will come with a price.  Satan hates the Jewish people and loathes Christians.  He has spent centuries infiltrating the present day Church.  Wolves in sheep's clothing that Scripture warns us about.  The wheat and tares we are warned about. Tares being what's called 'false wheat'. 

Be careful of who you listen to in regards to God's Word.  Be careful of your thoughts.  We aren't to hate the unbelieving we are to be the light around them that they may see and understand their current state, to see their need to turn and repent. To come to Christ themselves.  Compromises have no place in the lives of believers in regards to Scripture.  If anyone ever teaches you to compromise get away from them.  That's a tactic of Satan.  Plain, pure and simple, that's a method of Satan to cause you to stumble and cause others to stumble. 

Look at your hope.  Where is it? In your Government?  If it is oh how you have gone astray.  Return to Christ.  Many believers today are being like blind sheep leading the blind.  Jesus said believe in God, believe in Him. The Gospels say a lot about how Jesus would not entrust Himself to man because He knew what was in the heart of man.  Just because some Government official or purported doctors say something doesn't immediately follow that it's the gospel truth.  They are fallible man. 

Jesus said He is the way, the truth and the life.  Use your communication lines with Him in prayer.  When I trust in myself or my abilities without God my decisions are lacking at best.  

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness. All other ground is sinking sand. 

Place your hope where your Soul is, in Christ.  Hang onto the truth of God. 

As I read today it's the storms of life that force roots to go deeper. Not the fair weather. 

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