Sunday, July 26, 2020

He knows You!

“Therefore do not be like them. For your Father knows 
the things you have need of before you ask Him.”

Matthew 6:8

Even before we call on Him, the Father has already begun to provide all that we need (Isa. 65:24). Jesus wanted His disciples to learn how intimately God knew and loved each of them. That is why He told them to pray. He assured them that even before they prayed, God knew all about their situation.

Prayer is not designed for us to inform God of our needs, for He already knows them. Why, then, should we pray? Prayer enables us to experience God more intimately. The more a child experiences the loving provision of a parent, the more convinced he becomes of his parent's unrelenting love. Often a parent will anticipate a child's need before the child recognizes it and be prepared in advance to provide for that need. Our heavenly Father knows exactly what we will face today and next week. He is eager for us to experience Him as He provides for us.
To our surprise, we often discover that God knows far better than we do what is best for us. At times we assume that we know what would benefit us. We can even be foolish enough to assume that we don’t require anything of God. Yet God wants us to go to Him in our need (Matt. 7:7). He is ready to show His strength through our weakness. Our heavenly Father knows exactly what is best for us, and He is prepared to provide for every need, if we will but ask (Phil. 4:13).
- Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

We easily read of the first sin that started it all.  Adam and Eve attempted to be like God. We read of the second that's recorded. Cain killing his brother Able.  
It is skipped over as related but it is. The taking of an innocent life. 

For centuries man has created his or her own rules as to what lives matter and what lives do not.  Cain didn't believe the life of his brother mattered. 

Not just found in the Bible, throughout recorded human history lives have been a currency of sorts. What motivation when it's on the line. 

But this post isn't about what we think about what lives matter.  It's about our Creator saying since the first sin that He was willing to die for all to bring man and God back together in a true relationship again. 

He knows you. Better than you do. 

He knows what worries you. 

He knows what people think of Him, of you and the people you care about or know about. 

He knows. 

But why is there so much hate happening?  The term these days is 'hijacking'. 
Hate has been hijacked. Love has been hijacked.  Every form in between has been hijacked to further the cause of pride and selfishness.  To make someone's life worth more than someone else's. 

In Christ we are created equal.  No race no color no anything that sets us above someone else.  Sin my friend equally discriminates.  It condemned everything and everyone since Adam. The reason a perfect sacrifice was necessary was it was the only thing that could satisfy the penalty of it. 

We do have needs.  The greatest oftentimes is to be accepted.   Yet, in regards to sin, the only way to be accepted is for Salvation to come and have that sin wiped away. 
The hatred in this world often gets blamed on God!  Yes! If He would just do this, then that wouldn't happen! If God really loved me, He wouldn't have let me get hurt!
We put God in our box when the fact is the Universe cannot contain Him.

Jesus is fully aware of every thought we think before the synapses in our brains create them. He is already aware of our interests and intentions.  Before even we know what they are.  His love for you goes beyond this Universe to the Throne of God the Father. 

This is both being the bearer of bad news as well as the good news.  Hate is going to be manipulated even more than you see it today.  Yet the power of God is not any less because of it.  The Church is being weakened from within.  Those that stand strong in the Lord are the ones experiencing the power of God in this life. 

When a world ever has to utter any statement on what lives matter, they are right at where Cain was at in the beginning.  All lives were what Christ died and arose again for. Until that message gets across to people more than the message of hate within any organization or political culture all that remains is Christ returning to lead up to the end of it.

You see it's not just a warning about 7 years of judgements to come.  It's what comes after that. Jesus Himself will rule the world for 1,000 years. There will be no political agenda. There will be no protests about what lives matter.  There will be no murdering of babies.  Those that remain after the 7 years of judgements will be considered accursed if they don't live for hundreds of years. 

You mattered to Jesus when His heart broke at Adam and Eve sinning. Before they did He knew they would.  He could have stopped them. He left the choice to obey in their hands. They were told the consequences of it. They chose to sin anyway.  Before they sinned Jesus saw all the way throughout history to YOUR moment in time. He saw the pain and joys you would know before you were ever a consideration in the writings of history. 

He knows every word, worry or thoughts you have about the world in which you live. 

He is able to get you through it if you would but trust in Him and quit trying to do it yourself.  It's a continuation of human arrogance to believe we know what's best for us when JESUS wrote the manual on humanity!  We often read today about hacks to do things not recorded with products.  Jesus knows everything about everything you are capable of.  Not what you think you are but what He KNOWS you are. 

Value life in this world.  Satan has no vested interest in if you live or die. He can find somebody to replace you with.  Only in Christ is your life worth something that's priceless.  Read in Psalms of King David's thoughts on God. Are you as honest with Jesus as David was?

He knows you. He knows your ways. He knows your worries and what has scarred you so.  He can heal but you have to be willing to do what He tells you is necessary.  You would do what a ER Doctor tells you wouldn't you? If you are told you need a cast and it's going to be 6 to 8 weeks until it comes off.  You would do it because it's right and necessary.

Jesus isn't trying to remove your rights or your desires or your anything.  He's trying to save your life, which to Him was giving of Himself in your place.  Once you realize how great that sacrifice was, living as He has in mind for you isn't so bad after all.  No where in the Bible or outside of it do we read of any who ever regretted what Jesus had in mind for those who believed in Him for Salvation.  Physical death means nothing when the next heartbeat means we are in the presence of Jesus. Physical death to an unbeliever means entry into a fiery Hell.  Hell isn't an escape from hate. For billions it's the beginning of an eternity with it against a Holy God. 

Consider it today my friend.  Look at life from God's perspective. He is reaching out through time to pull you into the boat of Salvation if only you would reach back. His ways are higher than ours, His thoughts higher than ours. 

You mean everything to Jesus. There's no hate to be had in Jesus other than for sin.

Let today be the day you reach for the hands that have been reaching out to you. 

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