Wednesday, July 29, 2020

That which is His, before the Flood and after.

Nevertheless I am continually with You. Psalm 73:23 NKJV 

Nevertheless—as if, in spite of all the foolishness and ignorance that Asaph had just been confessing to God, it was still completely true and certain that he was saved and accepted, and that the blessing of God’s constant presence was undoubtedly his. Fully aware of his own lost condition and of the deceitfulness and vileness of his own nature, in a glorious outburst of faith the psalmist could still sing, Nevertheless I am continually with You. Believer, when you are forced to enter into Asaph’s confession and acknowledgment, say his words with this simple addition: “Nevertheless, since I belong to Christ, I am continually with God!” You are continually on God’s mind, and He is always thinking of you for your good. You are continually before His eye—the eye of the Lord never sleeps, but is perpetually watching over your welfare. You are continually in His hand, so that no one will be able to pluck you from it. You are continually on His heart, worn over it as a memorial, like the high priest carried the names of the twelve tribes over his heart forever. You always think of me, oh God! The heart of your love continually yearns for me. You are always working things out for my good. You have set me as a seal on your arm (Song of Solomon 8:6). Your love is as strong as death; many waters cannot quench it, neither can the floods drown it (Song of Solomon 8:7). Surprising grace! You see me in Christ—and though I am abhorrent in myself, you see me as wearing Christ’s garments, washed in his blood. And so I stand accepted in your presence, continually in your favor—continually with You. Here is comfort for the tried and afflicted soul. When you are vexed with the tempest inside, look at the calm outside. Nevertheless—oh, say it in your heart and take the peace it gives: Nevertheless I am continually with You. - C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

Oh the days of 2020.  Thus far, many months of it being a profound irony. That for all that follows the description of 20-20 vision.  The vision of the multitudes is blurred between what was and what is for the form life has taken. 

We often question everything every day now. Believe what we are told or not to believe what we are told.  Are people being manipulated or aren't they.  What consistency is there?

Consistency in this life takes two forms for the human to experience.  There's the consistent effect of sin on this world and the consistent effect of those who have placed their faith in Christ Jesus for Salvation.  In the eyes of God you are one or in the other.  There is no fence to ride. No 'not taking sides'.  In Revelation and in the Gospels it's spelled out very clearly.  

You are either one of His sheep or you are not. 
You are either in Christ or you are not. 
You are either good fruit or you are not. 
You are either wheat or false wheat. 
You are either living in obedience or you are not. 
You either accept the truth of God or you are not. 

Regardless of your thoughts on that last one, your thinking will be corrected. 

At the final judgment, nobody is given another chance.  Your thinking is corrected when your sentence is given by the righteous Judge, Jesus Christ.  

Reminds me of a video that I saw yesterday.  A 20 something woman not taking being in Court seriously. Her flippant answer got her a sentence. Her blatant, repeated, disrespectful remarks kept increasing the judgment against her. 

In the case of the Final Judgment, the comments by the guilty won't matter. 

When the Rapture of the Church happens the comments of those left behind won't change what just happened.  The door of opportunity will not be reopened.  No more than the Ark of Noah when the waters came.  Once closed by God it's closed.

God has kept me thinking about the days of Noah quite a bit this year.  What was it like? What was he preaching on for over a hundred years? What was the world like? Are we there yet?  God has been showing me quite a bit. 

My only standing point to point to is what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me.  

The world indeed had technology.  Probably by leaps and bounds of a higher order of magnitude than we have today.  The development of the human brain was not diminished by exposure to the levels of radiation we have all experienced since the aftermath of the flood.  The vapor canopy that protected the planet was altered or removed.  Evidence found shows bits and pieces of technology we cannot duplicate yet our current technology is made of similar stuff. 
I believe that Noah and his family intentionally built the Ark without it.  Had they built it with that technology government's of the past several centuries would have been all over it to dissect it.
What did he preach on? Ecclesiastes repeatedly says there's nothing new under the sun. That too tells the backstory on technology. But it projects forward to the book of Romans. The very same message was preached by Noah that we read in Paul's writings.  It would not need to be any different.  When Paul tells us of sin, the wages of it, that's what Noah spoke of. When pointing to the cross and the Salvation that would be necessary for those who believe, Noah pointed forward to it. How can I say that? Noah believed it. He would look forward to the day Jesus showed up in Sheol Paradise to receive him and all who looked forward to His coming. 

We who are alive today and are believers have the same God as Paul in the days that most of the New Testament was written.  The same God as in the days of Noah.  The same hope they have we have. 

Life may seem complicated and may seem like it's getting worse. Well that's because it is. Jesus hid nothing that wasn't beneficial to us in these days.  He mentioned our battles are not against flesh and blood. He mentioned the temptations that lay ahead.  He mentioned the need to put on the whole armor of God.  He mentioned that a man's enemies will be members of his own house.  He mentioned the kind of people who would infiltrate the Church. He mentioned the manor of men and women would be like. That they would be brutal, haters of good. That the evil of man would increase.  He hid nothing yet so few pastors teach it. Too many are afraid of offending people.  
Unlike what you see in movies or TV, Jesus isn't going to be the one in the rescue boat plucking people against their will out of danger.  

You are the one to choose.  You. 

The Great Commission given by Jesus isn't a forceful resolution or responsibility. It's not imposing God's will on people it's sharing what God has done, opening the door, so that people can choose to follow and be taught.  Transformed into the likeness of Christ by being born again.  By renewing our minds in God's Word and through prayer.  

Noah's message would be no different than what we read in the New Testament.  Mankind has not changed.  The human mind and soul has but one problem, sin.  

When this world survives the 7 year Tribulation Jesus Himself will rule from Earth.  There will be no more wars. No more need for weapons.  No need for Doctors or Lawyers or Politicians.  No need for those who believe it's up to them to tell you what to think or do.  The Lord Jesus Christ will rule with those who are saved in Christ assisting. For a thousand years life will be along the lines of how it should have been for centuries.  Yet after it all, at the end, mankind will still revolt one last time.  Given a thousand years of divine experience in Christ to live by mankind will still revolt. 

You indeed have choices to make today.  

But my friend none is as important as living for Jesus.  None is as important as giving your life to Christ if you haven't. 

As it was at the end of the 100 plus years Noah preached, we are coming to the end of that opportunity to leave here with Jesus when He returns.  The message is the same.  Turn and repent. Receive the free gift of Salvation in Christ Jesus.  

For those who are in Christ we have the hope of the Holy Spirit. We have the knowledge that regardless of what our eyes see, we are safe in His hands.  We have His promise of a peace that passes all understanding.  Outside of Christ you cannot find it. In Christ you are always afforded the opportunity to be in it.

You're looking for hope? My friend stop looking in this world for it.

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