Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Do you think God forgot You?

Can a woman forget her nursing child, and not 
have compassion on the son of her womb? 
Surely they may forget, yet I will not forget you.

Isaiah 49:15

God never becomes preoccupied or neglectful toward one of His children. God said it would be more likely for a nursing mother to forget the infant at her breast than for Him to forget one of His children! The nursing mother has a keen sensitivity to her baby. Even if the infant is in another room the mother's senses are in tune with her child. The mother knows when it is time to feed and care for the child. The mother never becomes so preoccupied with other things that she neglects the needs of her child.

It is fitting that God chose this imagery to describe how He looks after His people, for He is more sensitive to the needs of His children than even the most loving mother. He anticipates every cry for help. Even before we can call out in need, God is responding with His answer (Isa. 65:24). This is one of the most comforting promises God has given to us: that He will never forget us.
Don’t let the difficult circumstances you are facing convince you that God has forgotten you. Don’t ever assume that God is more concerned with the needs of other, more significant, more spiritual people than He is with yours. Scripture teaches that God looks upon you with the same love, interest, and concern as a nursing mother would look upon her infant. It should reassure you to know that your Father loves you like that! - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

Consider a few things this morning before you start to read more.  I would ask that you seek out a copy of Blackaby's book Experiencing God Day by Day.  It's a great addition to your morning reading.  Morning and Evening by C.H. Spurgeon as well. 

Look at what your life feels like.  I know there are times when I felt forgotten by God.  Yet in many of those times He has indeed showed up in a special way.  

Look at Daniel and read of what he was told concerning his earnest prayers.  He wasn't forgotten nor had his prayers fallen upon deaf ears.   

Spiritual warfare is all around us.  The Spiritual world overlaps the physical.  Look at Elijah's response to his servant. His prayer was for his eyes to be opened to see that they were far from alone. 

It's easy to think that we are alone.  Some claim they prefer it, but, having been there, it's mostly a lie.  People were created to be around people.  Ultimately we were created to worship God.  

I haven't been able to shake a topic that I believe God has been sharing with me.  The wheat and tares parables.  It has a lot to do with relationships as much as it does knowing that you are saved.  

If you really are in a relationship with Jesus it's going to be wholly different than someone who isn't saved trying to look like it without committing to a life with Christ. 

You can't take on attributes of the real deal with the expectation that it will save you.  

Inevitably you will still find yourself alone.
You will really realize you are not really saved.  

It's still not exclusive in that.  You indeed can be saved yet feel a bit alone.  Scripture says Jesus was a man of sorrows, well acquainted with grief.  He trusted Himself to no man because He knew what was in the heart of man. 

Sometimes our sense of loneliness is for our benefit.  To allow us time to heal from recent events.  Or it's a time of preparation for what's to come.  

The greater thought to remember is Jesus said we are in His hands and nobody can take us from there.  If that wasn't enough He is in the Father's hands. 

It's funny what you notice as adults of television shows that you watched endlessly in your youth.  One of the most overheard sentiments on M*A*S*H was in the recovery room area.  The Nurses and Doctors urging the patients to get their rest.  To be calm and don't try to hurry their recovery. That all the work they put into fixing them might be undone. 

We, I for certain, can be impatient in my having to wait. My mind multi tasks too much at times.  Relaxing often is an extremely difficult thing for me to do.  It's in those moments that I struggle the most with loneliness, in my impatience, before God.  I turn to prayer over and over, trying to leave my internal anxiety with Jesus. 

I have never been content with just not doing. It is hard when you are constantly having ideas an not acting on them.  Discouragement can creep in. Loneliness isn't far behind.  

But in all this I have to remember my friend Daniel and his being told that in no way was he forgotten before his God.  Indeed God hears my every prayer. My every tear that falls is recorded.  In His time answers do come.  

It's upon me to remember that I am loved by my Savior.  That He isn't like man that He would intentionally ignore me.  

When you indeed feel alone, if indeed you are in Christ, remember whose you are. Remember where you are. Don't stop praying or sharing with Jesus what's on your heart and mind.  He still listens.  He is still working in your life.  He isn't on our timetable. We are on His. 

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