Thursday, July 9, 2020

History..or His Story?

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. James 5:16b

To stop and look back over our lives is a good thing.  We all too often don't have the patience or stamina to do it.  Stamina? Yes. It takes as much focus and patience as it does stamina to really look at something from another perspective. 

Should we think less of ourselves in our Christian walk than those who lived in Peter and Paul's time?  Should we think less of our association with the Spirit as James or Timothy?

We may think we live in a more complicated time than they but it doesn't mean that society or sin has changed between then and now.  Sin hasn't changed since Adam and Eve.  Sin is sin. A single sin is enough to send anyone to Hell.  One. Uno. A single sin would get a 'guilty' verdict from Jesus.  Matters not if you take my word for it.  Read it in the Bible.  

But that's not the point of this message.  The point is we have both a History and His Story happening in the lives of everyone living.  Not just believers.  Everyone who faces Jesus on judgment day will come face-to-face with the evidence that Jesus will present showing you how you missed the mark.

For those in Christ we won't face judgment because we do not stand condemned due to Jesus taking our place. What we will see is a greater than 4k viewing experience of every moment in our lives when the Spirit was working.  The truth is we don't need to wait for that day and we shouldn't wait for that day.  We need that experience now.  We need to record our times when we know that the Spirit worked within us.  We have feeble minds. We need reminding of the hand of God in our lives.  I know that I sure do.  

Regardless of what people see in me or of me, inside it can be panic city.  I have never taken up poker but I promise you that I can beat anyone when it comes to not showing whatever is going on in my mind.  I stress out but likely in different ways than you. Maybe in some of the same ways.

Point being in some of the writings in the New Testament it's mentioned of the great deeds of those of the Old Testament.  Of how God delivered or did something miraculous.  God hasn't changed.  He hasn't had to adapt to our culture.  He hasn't once said that something happened that took Him by surprise.  Never. 

We are no greater nor are we any less than the saints of old.  We are believers on a walk with Jesus through this world. That same God who shut up the mouths of lions, raised the dead, is still that same God now.  

We need to write down when we see His hands moving to help us remember in our low times that He is still able and is still going to work according to His purpose and pleasure. 

We need to look at our history and see His Story written on our hearts. 

Psalm 23 isn't a one time thing.  Neither is being a Prodigal Son or Daughter.  Hate to break it to you, but we are prone to forget our lessons in life and we will repeat them. 

If you aren't or have not, start writing down your God Moments.  Read them often.  Remind yourself of His work in your life. 

We need that to keep from forgetting and to show us that there's always hope when it comes to our Savior.  

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