Saturday, June 12, 2021

In an Instant, My Savior Comes

In an Instant,  My Savior Comes

This isn't going to be a very large or detailed writing.  But I think you need to have an understanding of what is to come.  For thousands of years the Earth has been awaiting the triumphant return of its Creator.  We often, in today's world, try to ignore what is unpleasant.  Especially when it involves being found out. To be facing the truth about ourselves or others.

In the time of His Earthly ministry, something profound was eluded to by Jesus Himself. 

In a particular situation He told us all that if the people were silenced that the very rocks would cry out. 

My thoughts on His return and those rocks are where this is going tonight. 

At the beginning of everything this marvelous creation was considered good by the Holy God of it all.  The Earth had seen restrained visits by way of the Spirit empowering specific individuals.  When Jesus Himself showed up the world was excited. As He once had thousands of years earlier He again walked the Earth. 

The Earth was silent at likely the command of the Father.  Oh it wanted to rejoice! 
Had the people accepted it John the Baptist was to have been the Elijah that was to come.  Their rejection paved the way for the Church, the Bride of Christ. 

How often do you sit and contemplate the return of Jesus? 

2,000 years ago the stage was set for the beginning of the end.  God isn't being slow about His promised return. He's unwilling for any to perish but for all to have everlasting life. 

In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye is how quickly the return will be. Scripture says that the dead in Christ will be raised up first. Receiving their new glorified bodies. Then those who remain who are also found to be in Christ will vanish, joining them in the air.  The world will not be able to prepare for this because nobody knows the exact day or hour.  Sadly millions of people aren't even trying to be found ready by Christ. 

Is what you are pursuing in life having anything to do with showing others how to find Jesus? 

Are you at all trying to live for Jesus or for yourself instead? 
Are you more interested in personally surviving the hour in which we live or you at all interested in the things of God? 

I can't answer for you, but I can tell you about me.  I have been almost torn between wishes and dreams while knowing that the time is oh so short.  I look for the signs that Jesus said to look for. I had dreams of a good future.  But I know that the reality is that within days, months or a few years Jesus is returning. Then 7 years of judgments are coming. Whatever your views on natural disasters are you haven't a clue as to how harsh living in this world is going to be. 

The Church of God won't be here.  I won't be here. At this point in my life the only way this blog will not be written is when Jesus tells me its time to go home.  

So I guess the question of the hour is whether or not you are going to be staying or going? 

This Earth is awaiting for it's Creator. After those 7 years of Judgments comes the  1,000 year reign of Christ here on Earth. For a thousand years the Earth will finally have peace on Earth and goodwill toward men. Jesus will rule the Earth Himself.  I really don't see the rocks being silenced then! 

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