Saturday, June 26, 2021

Who do You think You are?

Who do You think You are?

“You have become like us!” Isaiah 14:10 ESV 

What doom the apostate will feel when his naked soul appears before God. How painful it will be to hear that voice saying, “Depart, you who are cursed! You have rejected me, and I reject you; you have debased yourself and departed from me, so I will banish you forever from my presence. I will not have mercy on you.” What shame this wretch will experience at the great last day when, before multitudes of souls, his falsehood is revealed! See the profane sinners who never professed religion, lifting themselves up from their beds of fire to point at him: “There he is!” one says. “Will he preach the gospel in hell?” “There he is!” another says. “He rebuked me for cursing, and he was a hypocrite himself!” “Aha!” says yet another. “Here comes a hymn-singing churchgoer—one who was always at his meeting. It is the man who boasted of being sure of everlasting life, and here he is!” Satanic tormentors will never be more eager than in the day that demons drag the hypocrite’s soul to destruction. John Bunyan pictures this with awful grandeur when he speaks of the back way to hell. Seven devils bound a wretched man with nine cords, dragged him from the road to heaven on which he had claimed to walk, and thrust him through the back door into hell. Remember that back way to hell, you who profess Christ! “Examine yourselves to see if your faith is genuine” (2 Corinthians 13:5 NLT). Look carefully at your own state; see whether you are “in Christ” or not. It is the easiest thing in the world to be lenient on ourselves, but—oh!—be honest and true here. Be reasonable to all, but be rigorous on yourself. Remember, if it is not a rock you build on, the fall of your house, when it comes, will be great. Oh, may the Lord give you sincerity, loyalty, and firmness! In no day, however evil, may you be led to turn away from your faith. C. H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

Oh so many these days are falling prey to false teaching!

It's the weeping and gnashing of teeth that's found in Hell among the trillions of people there. It's their crying out to God, to Jesus that burns in the ears of all who arrive there.

There are no demons there as jailers. Any demons already consigned there are in as much torment as the humans who populate the place, that place where those who have rejected Christ are sent.

Many who raged against God continue to do so after they arrive, with newfound vigor they gnash their teeth at God. Refusing to acknowledge His right as their creator to rule over His own creation. 

Still others arrive weeping because they were so deceived by Satan and his minions into a false hope either in God or themselves.  They weeping and wail in their newfound misery that transcends any pain ever experienced in this world. It's the enduring pain of the soul that will find no comfort. 

People today put all kinds of thoughts out there on how to live a good life. 
People make a ton of money on the lecture circuit being motivational speakers rather than preachers of the Word of God.  

Satan is a liar and the father of lies. He is THE Deceiver. His aim is the Throne of God and he cares not who goes to Hell. He cares not whose lives he destroys as long as they never end up in Heaven.  

Satan twists the truth about life and what living really is.  He is careful not to do so in any overt way.  He would do things in such a way that people slip into Hell rather than walk through its doors. 

False teachers and false doctrines were warned about in the New Testament. In today's world its everywhere.   People are too lazy to look things up themselves in God's Word to see if it is so.  They want relief, they want to feel good. They want what you get by going to a County Fair.  They don't want to hear about the need to repent.  Don't want to hear about the consequences of sin. They just want to hear about the blessings of God and none of how the relationship with Christ is going to change them.

People are deceived in the Church more than outside of it.

People hinder others from Godly wisdom by preventing them from hearing from those whom God is using. 

What are you seeing in your life?  Are you at all seeing a Christ follower or is your life about your success your happiness your this or your that?  Is the center of your existence you or your relationship with Christ?  Is work your "world"?  Is your family? Is it even all that you do at Church  rather than a close, real, relationship with Jesus?

Who do you THINK you are?  Are you convinced you are covered by the blood of Jesus? If so are you living as though you owe Him your life? 

Who do you think you there enough evidence to convict you of being a Christ follower?

Or are you just enjoying the warm fuzzy feeling you get by being around Christian people?

Will you honestly be slipping into Hell, finding out you were a fraud, or will you walk into Heaven being told "Well done!"?

Those in Hell cry out for God to save them.  

Those in Heaven cry out to God FOR saving them. 

Big difference. 

So, Who do YOU think you are?

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