Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Your Attention Please! Your Attention Please!

Your Attention Please! Your Attention Please!

Blessed are those servants whom the master, when he comes, will find watching. LUKE 12:37 

Jesus tells a story of two slaves who work for an absentee master. One slave is good and faithful, and the other is evil and faithless. The good slave represents believers who will be on the earth before the Lord’s return, while the evil servant represents unbelievers. Every person in the world holds his life, his possessions, and his abilities in trust from God, and they will all be held accountable to the Lord for what they have done with that trust. In the case of this evil servant, the dominant attitude is one of calloused procrastination. He doesn’t believe the master is going to come back anytime soon, so he has no motivation to cease doing evil. Christ’s words warn him to be careful because he doesn’t know the schedule. A man told me not long ago that he wanted to become a Christian, but it wasn’t convenient for him right now. Well, because it wasn’t convenient for that man to accept Christ, it won’t be convenient for him to get into heaven. There is going to be a day when that decision has to be made or it will no longer be available. If you haven’t trusted Him yet, why don’t you do it today? Receive Him as your Savior and your Lord. Dr. David Jeremiah Sanctuary Finding Moments of Refuge in the Presence of God 

We live in a world that is full of every single form of distraction from the truth of God and His concerns of mankind.  We have people who just plain hate God and on through the various types of people to those who worship Him daily and everything in between. 

Satan hates the Word of God because in 8,000 years he has never been able to prevent it from happening.  He's obsessed with wanting God's position and His place on His Throne. He cares not who gets destroyed along the way.  He cares not about the untold billions in Hell who he had a hand in putting there.

In our world of even just people claiming to be Christians we have a sad variety of beliefs.  From those who want to keep on living as they do, but want to get into Heaven to those who have died for the cause of Christ...and again...everything in between. 

I have seen Christians behave as the world in their worries about the government. About how they must do this or that in order to survive.  Where is that found in the Bible?  Where does it say for us to do God's job of taking care of all of our needs?  What does the Bible say about worrying about tomorrow?  Hmm?

So many flavors of Christianity it's no wonder people are not taking it seriously. 

You must dress this way...to...come dressed as you are. 

You must sing these hymns...to...modern contemporary music. 

You have to only read one translation of the Bible...to...just use anything.  

You have to submit to the rulers in our Church...to...no Church discipline at all. 

It's no wonder that people fall away from the Church.  It's no wonder Jesus asked the question of would He find the faith when He returns. 

As to Music...my Friend...if it's praising God...let it ring out.  

As to Church Leaders...follow as long as what is done is Biblical and not worldly. 

As to Bible translations...in these I personally primarily follow the New American Standard of many years ago.  There's a history behind translations to be mindful of.  God is the writer of and protector of His Word.  In this too Satan tries to wiggle in falsehoods so you need to be careful.  To be truthful in this is to be mindful that human beings wrote the translations.  God provided other translations for a significant purpose...that every man and woman would be without excuse.  Also personally I have, in both digital and paper forms over 11 versions of the Bible.  The Berean Church didn't trust what anyone said of things without examining the Scriptures to see if they were so.  They weren't using the King James or what has been rebranded the King James or the NIV or NASB or...well fill in the blank. 

The most important thing is for you to be in a right relationship with Jesus and to be ready when it's your time. Be it the time He calls you home or the Rapture. The Scriptures are clear...be ready! 

Are you more concerned about survival in this world than you are your relationship with Jesus?  Are you investing your time wisely in your relationship with Jesus? 

I struggle often and sometimes people think that I am a bit wishy washy about my faith because I often ask others for prayers.  That has nothing to do with it.  Scripture says to bear one another's burdens and thus fulfill the Law of Christ.  Keeping your prayers to yourself is both selfish in regards to sharing the blessings for doing so and wrong because you rob others of the opportunity to help. 

Are you living life like the world or are you at all preparing for His return?  Is your lifestyle, your status, more important than your relationship with Jesus?  Is your stand with what you believe hindering others from coming to Christ?  These are questions for you to answer.  Everything from your body to man made things can be idolized.  People can obsess over worldly problems.  I, myself, want to keep me in the center of God's plans for me.  Not try to deal with life in my own strength or my own means.  Jesus has me in the palm of His hand.  Nobody's Government or protesters will ever reach me if it's not God's Will for that to happen.  

Consider well the life you live. Consider well what you have believed about Jesus. Are you growing in Christ or growing in yourself?

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