Saturday, June 12, 2021

Who has the Keys?

Who has the Keys?

“I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 16:19a 

The keys of the kingdom represent the access you have to the Father through your relationship to Jesus Christ. With this relationship you have access to everything that is accessible to Christ. However, this access is not given indiscriminately; Jesus gave the keys to His disciples only after they recognized that He was the Christ. Only then did they enter into a unique and personal relationship with Him. Likewise, your relationship with Christ opens the door of heaven for you and gives you direct access to the Father. Peter discovered that once he had keys to the kingdom, he could go to the Father in every situation. When he stood to preach before thousands on the day of Pentecost, this simple fisherman opened the door to the kingdom for three thousand people in one day (Acts 2:41). When he encountered a lame man, he used his access to God and His healing power, and the man was healed (Acts 3:6). When he was imprisoned, Peter discovered that the keys of the kingdom could open even the most secure prison door (Acts 12:6–10). If you are a Christian you, too, have keys to the kingdom of heaven. You do not need an intermediary, for you have an unobstructed access to God. With that access come all the resources you need to face any circumstance. When you are afraid, you have access to God's peace that surpasses comprehension (Phil. 4:6). When you have a broken relationship, you have access to the God of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18–21). When you meet someone in need, you have access to God's provision for that person. What an incredible privilege to be entrusted with keys to the kingdom of heaven! - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

On more than one occasion I have been known to have lost my keys. It's why I keep spares on me pretty much all the time.  

There keys that get into every lock. Physical locks all have them. Spiritual locks in regards to Heaven only are received after coming to Christ. There are countless counterfeit keys to Heaven. Over the centuries mankind has tried to make new ones in order to gain entry.  

Those keys are called the religions of the world.  Oftentimes they are even denominations of so-called Churches.  Teaching heresy which they deny doing of course. 

There are, as written of already, no denominations in Heaven.  There's the gathering of the Saints of God. There's the Bride of Christ. There's nobody in Heaven talking in old English like found in the King James version of the Bible.  If there's a language of Heaven, nobody on Earth knows it.  It's of the Heavenly and we are all of Earth until we leave.  The predominant language in Hell is compromised of weeping and the gnashing of teeth.  

Are you at all interested in entering Heaven? My Friend there is only one way. The blood of Jesus paid the price for those keys.  Only by coming to Him to be saved are you given those priceless keys.  

He is the way,  the truth,  and the life.  The truth is Jesus IS the keys. Without Him as your Savior you have no right to the only real keys.

Jesus warned that many would come in His name. Claiming things in order to mislead many. 

A great many in this world have tried to be the Savior of the world.  Tried being the one to come up with the plans and be the solution to the issues of the day. Their keys broke trying to be used in a lock that only works by a relationship with Christ. 

I have a set of keys to my earthly house and my home in Heaven.  The one I am in is my house. The keys Jesus gave me are to my home.  The home is where you are said to belong. To me anywhere else I am just visiting. 

You can have your own set of keys to Heaven today but you need to face the truth that you need a Savior which is Christ the Lord. I and millions of others enter into the presence of God in prayer easily with our keys.  

Jesus rebuked the Jewish leaders of the day for how they in their teaching really prevented people from finding God.  I firmly believe that throughout all four of the Gospels Paul, by his former name, can be found.  He called himself the chief of all sinners, persecuting the Church of God.  In his silence after being blinded on the road to Damascus I believe it was then that he got his education on everything he really saw in regards to Jesus. He was shown the truth in all the Old Testament that pointed to the coming of Jesus. 

You don't need, at least hopefully you don't, need to be intentionally blinded in order to begin to see the truth about your need to be saved.  

Jesus said to ask, to seek, to knock.  The keys are freely given to all who believe.  

The cares of this world will always try to stop the work of God in you.  Satan would rather fill up Hell than allow another soul to enter into Heaven. Those who enter Heaven are there to praise God and not him.

If your life isn't what you expected maybe it's time to ask for the keys that work in regards to happiness rather than the counterfeit keys that will leave you empty and disappointed. 

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