Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Shortest, Most Powerful Prayer

The Shortest, Most Powerful Prayer 

Help, LORD. 
Psalm 12:1 

This is a remarkable prayer, for its brevity, timeliness, pointedness, and poignancy. David mourned how few faithful men he could find, so he lifted up his heart in prayer—when the creature failed, he flew to the Creator. David apparently felt his own weakness, or else he wouldn’t have cried for help, but at the same time he intended to honestly exert himself for the cause of truth—since the word help doesn’t apply when we ourselves do nothing. In this two-word prayer, there is much that is direct, clear in its perception, and distinct in its style—much more, in fact, than in the long, rambling prayers of some professing Christians. The psalmist ran straight to his God with a well-considered prayer—he knew what he was seeking and where to look for it. Lord, teach us to pray in the same blessed manner. We have frequent occasions for the use of this prayer. In the afflictions that God allows into our lives, this is a suitable prayer for believers who find all other helpers failing them. Students of the Word, facing doctrinal difficulties, can receive help by lifting up this cry of Help, LORD to the Holy Spirit, the great Teacher. Spiritual warriors battling inner conflicts may call to God’s throne for reinforcements, and this will be a model for their request. Those doing heavenly labor can use this prayer to obtain grace in time of need. Sinners seeing God, in their doubts and fears, can offer up the same weighty words—in fact, in all these cases, times, and places, this will serve the purposes of needy souls. Help, LORD will suit us living and dying, suffering or laboring, rejoicing or sorrowing. Our help is found in Him, so let no one hesitate to cry out to Him. If this prayer is sincerely offered through Jesus, its answer is certain. The Lord’s character assures us that He will not leave His people. His relationship as Father and Husband guarantees us His aid. The gift of Jesus is a pledge of every good thing, and God’s sure promise stands: “Do not fear; I will help you” (Isaiah 41:13).

Not long ago many in the world flocked to a prayer by Jabez from the Old Testament, some for good and noble reasons, others not so much. 

In the book of Psalms there are hundreds of prayers from King David.  

More often than not, the simplest is really what is best.  To just cry out to our God with a simple "help!".

What is often times forgotten is that for those who have been saved, is the understanding that He who searches the hearts of man, knows our needs and thoughts before we do. 

Often I hear people, with no regard to what their words invoke, exclaim "Oh God!" at some thought or event that has happened or is happening.  The reality is that really does garner the attention of the one true God of Heaven.  In Hell, that is likely the ,most cried out statement, pleading and attempting to implore the God of Heaven to relieve their pain and anguish. To help them in their misery.  Unfortunately those prayers go unanswered because they had their chance to choose Jesus Christ as their Savior but chose to reject Him. Help will never come. 

To those in this world who yet breathe the breath of life, you still have hope.  You still may yet turn to the one true God.  You may yet avoid the peril of those in Hell. 

But only you can make that choice. 

To those who say you do have Jesus as your Savior, does your life show it?  Is there evidence of obedience?  Or should someone listening to your thoughts go away wondering if what you claim is true about you and God?

Prayer is a tool and yet it is also a lifeline.   It's a heart of a child of God speaking to the heart of the God of Heaven.  It's often a heart of a child of God being taught from the God of Heaven. 

Prayers do not need to be wordy or be long to be honest or heard by our Father in Heaven.  Scripture says the Father seeks those who worship in Spirit and in truth. 

I often remember the lowest times in my life with more clarity than I like.  Of the times when I have failed in my walk with Christ as well as specific relationships I have had with people in this world.  I can remember praying such a prayer of just a simple "HELP!".  Not unlike someone in the water who can't swim, I was brought up out of it eventually by my prayer. By my God not leaving me as He found me. 

Oh I am so grateful that my God has not left me in that state in which He found me. 

I am amazed at how far He has brought me.  Some who have wrong motives for coming to Christ won't be able to say the same.  The truth is you should expect to not be the same person you were when you first came to Jesus to be saved.  He cleans our wounds and heals our afflictions in due time, preparing us for the work of service and to be transformed into the likeness of Christ.  

Prayers are not to be seen as some look at them as being.  It's no sign of weakness in the way the world defines weakness.  I often ask others for prayer in what many might see as me being weak.  As Paul said so say I, I will boast in my weaknesses if it points anyone to Christ. 

In your time of being awake to this point in your day...have you at all had a serious talk with Jesus?  Have you at all made sure of your walk with Christ is the most important thing in your life?   If pursuing worldly things or fame or anything else is more important than that, you, my friend, have a serious problem. Are your prayers filled with a want list from God as if He was only there to be your Butler?  Are you confessing any sins of yours at all to Him?  Are you at all praising Him in your prayers?  Are you at all thankful in your prayers?

Maybe now is the time for you to simply pray "help!" if you haven't. 

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