Thursday, April 13, 2023

A Reflection of Our Relationship

A Reflection of Our Relationship
by David Brenneman 

This day we will be going to a Celebration of Life for a dear friend.  It begs the question that ought to be asked of each one of us. What would be said about each of us?  Would anything God considers good be mentioned at all?  

My reading this morning was still in Luke. Jesus had mentioned a question: who, by worrying, can add a single hour to your life?

Which took me to considering even more about life.  

What was Jesus's parting words to the Disciples? Go and teach all that I have commanded you.  Not all that I commanded you and whatever else you want to add to it.

So many people try adding to the Great Commission or try subtracting from it. 

But what will people consider thinking about you?  In this moment of your life are you known for your walk with Jesus being strong?  Would you be seen as having been a friend of God?  Would the only words about you ring hollow because nothing to do with a right relationship with Jesus would be mentioned?

If you're in an influential role in life, do people see you pointing people to Jesus?  Or are you pointing them to themselves?

We are to magnify Jesus as Lord of our lives before men and before God.  

Would that be how you would be described?

Would anyone's description of you leave others to believe that you had been with Jesus?  In the New Testament, after the Gospels, people could tell that the Apostles had been with Jesus.  

Are you more consumed with self than being selfless?  Are you characterized as a servant of God or of your own appetite?

Food for thought this day.  The thing is while we yet breathe we have the gift of Godly opportunities to change for the better. We have the God given opportunity for hope in the conviction that the Spirit is trying to bring about in each of us. 

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and yet forfeit his soul?  What will a man give in exchange for his soul?

What would people say about you?  Would a celebration of your life have people interested in being loved by the God of the Universe whose love was evident in you?

Consider it now while hope exists. In recent news a man died on an Ohio highway because another semi truck's dual tires broke off, jumped the concrete barrier and hit the cab of his rig exactly at the driver's side. He immediately stepped into eternity.  No warning.  We are not promised a warning that death is imminent.  We are promised a meeting with Jesus, whether or not it's to be with Him in Heaven or separated from Him in Hell...that's on us. At the end of the age when the final judgment of God happens every single person will have stood before Jesus. As Jesus said some to everlasting life with Him others to everlasting contempt and condemnation in the lake of fire.

Will people today say you're life reflects Jesus or you? 

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