Sunday, April 2, 2023

How Much is Yours?

How Much is Yours?
by David Brenneman 

How much of your life is you doing what is right in your own eyes?

We all are facing that particular temptation.

Was really still considering it when looking into the faces of people, what they drive, what they wear.  

We're told by Jesus to deny ourselves, to take up our own cross and follow Him. 

That's a huge indicator concerning life and how much is self and how much is a life lived for Jesus. 

Some of the worst thoughts are those we have justifying our thoughts and actions.  

Those that begin with "I am sure God will understand..."

My Dear Reader, God is God. He understands everything. 

He knows our true self way way way more than we do.  He knows every ounce of thought and intention we put behind everything we do. 

He doesn't need a dictionary or a thesaurus to describe anything to us about anything to do with us.

Sure we are meant to enjoy this world which He created, but the natural propensity of mankind is to exclude God from His own creation.  To do whatever is right in their own eyes.  To indulge in every single kind and form of sin.  To be so well off that we forget our need for a continued right relationship with Jesus.  

Over and over again in the Old Testament we read from Genesis onward of the true nature of mankind and just how often this truth comes out. 

Take an inventory of your own thoughts and intentions. 

Take a look at your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other posts that you do.  

Are you including God in them or have you pushed Him aside?  Is praying with others all the time something that you used to do?   

Are you or have you become a lover of yourself?  Are you more interested in your own desires than those things most important to Jesus?

Christian's are supposed to be followers of Christ Jesus.  Supposed to be working in His fields, working on the harvest that He told the Disciples to pray to His Father to send more into. 

Is what is important to God NOT important to you?  

It's a rare thing for God to have me write three times in one day but this message is just that important. 

It's important because Jesus said no man knows the day nor the hour of His return. We likewise do not know the day nor the hour of the moment of our death.  We are told, just as Jesus told them in the Gospels, our time is always opportune. 

We can be easily denied a next breath, and then what?  Then we step into eternity. 

What we've called important is left behind. Others will dispense with our Earthly belongings and we don't have a true say in that. We will be remembered by others but HOW we will be remembered is important. 

Will your life be remembered as one who loved, followed and obeyed Jesus?  Will much of what is said about your life have nothing to do with that most important thing?

Consider your life now while you still have opportunities to change.  

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