Saturday, April 15, 2023

Oh to Listen

Oh to Listen 
by David Brenneman 

In the Gospel of Luke, where I have been reading, the types of people Jesus encountered were astounding. 

They were so self-centered and self-absorbed.  People who created rules that intentionally put them above their brethren.  Creating a power structure that God never intended to be there.

It's interesting that that kind of mentality exists today.   People not seeing that they are jockeying for a position of power over others or the situations of others. 

In Christ, we are to go, make disciples, teaching them to observe all that Jesus commanded. 

In our daily lives we should always be about the Father’s business. That too is part of what disciple making is about. That's the will of God in man.  It's also why Satan does so much to distract you and I with things of this world.  

Where I was reading, a woman had been bound for over 18 years by Satan to be in the physical condition that Jesus found her in.  She wasn't possessed, just not able to live a normal life. At least that's what I get from reading it when all that Jesus said was she was now free, He healed her and sent her on her way.  He said nothing of casting out demons nor of sinning no more. 

We often are plagued by things in life that I have sometimes wondered if they were of a similar type.  Lord only knows. I will not cite examples but will only say that Satan will do what he is permitted to do in the lives of humans.  Especially in the lives of Believers he must get permission.  

In my life I have seen and experienced something of this type of situation.  As we read in the book of Romans, Satan might intend it for evil but God will turn it for good.  Satan is not all powerful.  Satan must obey everything that he's told concerning every command of God. 

Satan and his minions are subject to everything that proceeds from the mouth of God.  The good that will come about is to be our growth in Christ Jesus.  

We ought to be growing in Christ daily.  
Our good works should be catching the attention of the unbelieving. To point them to Jesus. 

It astounds me to see people who are Christians who used to do so much for the cause of Christ Jesus, who now are not showing the world Jesus in them. 

They walked away from the righteous life that God desires for them and are embracing philosophies of this world that focus on things that have nothing to do with growing in Christ Jesus. 

It's heartbreaking.  It really is.  Regardless of speech, the evidence is in their lives. They teach people to promote self rather than to turn to Jesus for a new life in Christ. 

Listening to God.  Listen to God.  Sitting at the feet of Jesus.  

Do you at all attempt this?
Do you at all look to see if you are living a life that does anything to point people to Jesus? 
I never went to school or college to learn how to write what I am lead to write.  What I write is what comes from listening to God to write.  When it's time for me to go, is when it stops.  God doesn't make it complicated, we do.

We get enticed by the false powers of this world to live for self. To consume our time and energy on self. Thousands of books on self help subjects.  

People wasting hours every day on everything to deal with their physical self and starve their Spiritual bodies.  

They do this so much that nobody sees Jesus in them. 

When you are honest with you, are you seeing you pointing people to Jesus?
Or are you caught up in self?
Are you putting what God wants first in your life or are you putting your physical pleasures and peace ahead of the work of God in you? 

Are you at all interested in listening to God concerning you?  Those whom Jesus confronted were not. 

Would you be one of those who USED to lead people towards a life in Christ or are you actively doing that now?

I used to know someone who always, always, always would never ever end an interaction with me without wanting to pray first. Scripture was always interlaced in our conversations.  Either in person or on the phone.  Something changed and that ceased to happen.  In that my heart breaks and such a person falls into that category of used to.  

It seems that for all my own struggles with memories, remembering things, surprise surprise the more I read my Bible the more of it I am remembering.  The more value I see in listening to God rather than man. 

Don't be in a place of used to concerning serving Christ Jesus or be in a place of used to listen to Him.  People ought to see Christ in the lives of Believers way more than they see us. 

I had a friend who's prayer always included asking God to empty him of him so that the fullness of God would be all that was there. 

Do you take time to stop n listen to Jesus?
Do you have honest prayer with Jesus?  Not just recitation of the same words over and over?  Do you pour out your heart in your prayer time?  

Even if you fall into the category of used to in your walk with Jesus, repentance is an option. It's one decision away at all times. 
Set your minds on the things that are above and not on the things that are of this world.  Put on the full armor of God. 

Listen to God more than you speak to God. 

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