Friday, April 28, 2023

Is God Glorified in Your Life or Are You?

Is God Glorified in Your Life or Are You?
by David Brenneman 

In a recent post by Dr. David Jeremiah, he had the following graphic:

When we are out in the world are we indeed rendering what is God's to God?
Or does the world only get to see us and not God?  

In Romans, Paul wrote much about the transformation of our lives from a life of self to a life in Christ Jesus.  Paul in this book and others mentioned putting off the old self and its practices and putting on Christ Jesus.  

In life are you who are in Christ Jesus representing Him well, or are you representing yourself well?  

We read in Philippians 2:5-8 NASB "Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus,who, as He already existed in the form of God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but emptied Himself by taking the form of a bond-servant and being born in the likeness of men.  And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death: death on a cross."

Jesus spoke of not thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought to.  Don't go sitting at an event where you think you ought to because of who you think you are...for the one giving that event may have someone more important than you who was meant for that seat.  

So many people are looking for ways to market themselves.  On how to only show their so-called good side.   To make their business look better they puff themselves up.  Some remove all mention of God in order to show how inclusive they are.  Some go to any lengths to promote self. 

Pretty much the exact opposite of what the Bible teaches.  Humble ourselves and in due time God will lift up such.

Our walk with Jesus should be what people see when they look at us.  Our talents and abilities ought to be used to glorify God in Christ Jesus.  THAT is what our deeds done in our bodies will be when we stand before Jesus, giving an account of our lives will be about. 

It's very distressing to see people claiming to be Believer's going to great lengths to keep people from seeing God in their social media.  What are you ashamed of?

It's distressing to watch Believer's who have sold out to worldly thinking and are actually now among the deceiver's of the world in misrepresenting God.  They think they are doing oh so much good yet are leading people away from a right relationship with Jesus.  

A life in Christ Jesus should be causing others to see our good works and glorify our Father in Heaven...if we aren't...then what are we doing?  If that glory isn't going towards God then who is getting it?  It's going somewhere.  

We read of how men will be lovers of self in the last days.  Lovers of self means that they will be glory seekers of themselves. 

I am not ashamed of what people see in any of my social media sites.  My life is hidden in Christ Jesus.  I don't live for anyone but my Savior.  I don't live for my employer.  I don't live for my personal ideals.  I don't live for political parties.  I don't focus on things that don't matter in light of least that's my goal. 

So many people are wrapped up in health, wealth and prosperity that they are wasting their years given to them by God's timing and purpose for the specific reason that they were born in this here and this now. 

It's incredibly painful to watch Believer's wrapped up in psychological mumbo-jumbo and wrapped up in what is clearly a multi-level marketing schemes of this world.  So focused on self-help that God's taken a back seat.  Pointing people to Jesus is no longer on their minds. Glorifying self to become an "influencer". 

Oh what excuse will they give when they stand before Jesus?

Look in the mirror of your own life.  You too will give an account of the deeds done in your life.  A life in Christ Jesus will still spend eternity with Him in Heaven, but will you wipe out your reward from Him because of living for yourself and not Him?  

Is glorifying God in your life more important than what the world tempts you to be like?   

Are you like King David who lamented the fact that he USED to lead the people to worship God?  

USED to.  As in living for self was more important and he looked back and saw how far away from God that he had drifted. 

The Prodigal Son eventually hit a point where he saw the same.  

Jesus is waiting for oh so many people to stop living for self and to repent and return to Him.  My Dear Reader is this you?  Have you fallen for the deceitfulness if riches, of excessively pursuing health and prosperity?   Have you been keeping Jesus from being seen in your life?  

"Softly and Tenderly"

Calling for you and for me
See on the portals He's waiting and watchingWatching for you and for me
… Come home, come homeYe who are weary come homeEarnestly, tenderly Jesus is callingCalling, "O sinner come home"
… O for the wonderful love He has promisedPromised for you and for meThough we have sinned He has mercy and pardonPardon for you and for me
… Come home, come homeYe who are weary come homeEarnestly, tenderly Jesus is callingCalling, "O sinner come home"
… Come home, come home (come home)Ye who are weary come homeEarnestly, tenderly Jesus is callingCalling, "O sinner come home"

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