Saturday, April 1, 2023

Who Rejected Who?

Who Rejected Who?
by David Brenneman 

There will be several kinds of people who will be standing to one side of Jesus who will not be going to Heaven.  The world today would like others to believe a great many false things about the God of the Bible. A great many false things about Jesus Christ and about salvation. 

It's not just the foolish that have rejected God, oh my Dear Reader, there's many, many more. 

There's intellectuals. There's those who pick and choose what they want to believe about Jesus. There are those who stay angry in this life, let alone while they inhabit Hell, at God.  

It dawned on me yesterday the sheer vastness of the size of Hell.  Billions went there after the Global Flood in Genesis. 

Billions more have gone there since. 

Billions will be going when the events of the book of Revelation and other books of the Bible come true. 

It will still have room.  It's unfathomable it's true size and equally unfathomable the painful torment of the spiritual separation from God.  People angry at God for denying them "their truth".  

People denying God for insisting on being true to His Word about sin.  

People angry at God for calling what people did that was right in their own eyes as being sin and worthy of death and being sentenced to Hell. 

People who willfully ignored every prompting of the Spirit of God that showed them the way to be saved, who thought that they had time to come to Christ. 

My Dear Reader, what excuses are you holding on to?

What anger won't you let go of between you and Jesus?

Jesus loved you enough that even if you were the only human being ever, He would have still done what He did to save you. 

All we who are Christians should be doing is pointing you to the same Jesus who saved us.  Showing you His light and truth.  Should you embrace that, we work together to grow in Christ Jesus to become more like Him.  It's not about what we lose, what we have to give up.  Things of this world stay in this world.  Ambition stays in this world. All that the world holds up as valuable stays in this world.  Nobody takes anything with them to Heaven or to Hell.  The only thing that transcends with us is what we did.  Either for Christ or for ourselves.  What you do for Christ only counts if indeed you were saved first.  Without salvation in Christ Jesus all the deeds, the works, possible in this world mean nothing. Jesus Himself will tell those people to depart from Him for He never knew them.  No relationship with Jesus means no salvation.

Give up on your anger, your pride, your desires to live your life your way.  It really is a Heaven or Hell difference in light of eternity.  

God's not willing that any would perish but that all would come to the truth in Christ Jesus.  He doesn't want anyone to end up in Hell. The choice is yours and not his.

You, because of the cross of Jesus Christ, have the choice to accept or reject Him as your personal Lord and Savior.
You will, by extension of that choice, choose Heaven or Hell. You.

He isn't willing that any would go to Hell. But He will honor your choice. You will live with the consequences for all eternity. Everything that goes with it. All the pain, all the anguish. No party's. No celebration going on in Hell.  Nothing of the sort. 

Salvation is free. It is the gift of God to all who believe.  But it's only free to the physically living. It's not free forever. Jesus is returning and then comes the judgment of God. 

Jesus loves you. 
Jesus came and died, arose from the dead, for you. 

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