Monday, August 5, 2019

Let God be found True

This morning it's been something like a mixture of thought.  I have read the headlines, see the typical rhetoric. This one shouts a need for this, that one shouts a need for that.

Truth is what we see is the world today is a world without conscious. A world without God. 

The reading of this morning was still in Psalms.  King David pouring out his heart to God.  Remembering His promises.

The other half of my reading was in Romans...Paul reminding us of more of God's promises.

Spurgeon was talking about the hands of Jesus in our lives.  The promises of His always being there with us throughout life.

We are a very quick people to forget what we just came through when the next storm hits.  Peter was the same way after he was on the water.  We are no different.

Life today is full of people who have no concept of the truth of God.  They neither know Him nor wish to hear about Him.
If you stand on your faith, the State wants to prosecute you. Morality has been thrown to the wayside. Trampled under.  Yet people want peace and prosperity. 

No matter what happens in this world, God WILL be found to be true.

He is the Creator and a day has been appointed that every man and woman will give an account of their lives before Jesus.  No exceptions.

That same God you read about in the Bible is that same God today in your world.

The same truths that are defined in the Bible about Him are still true today.

There, that is what hope is.

The truth from the Bible is today, more and more, is becoming like the days of Noah.  People without conscience. People who hate anybody who stands for the truth of God.  People who indeed are murderers, fornicaters, idoliters. 

But God indeed will be found true.

The world will be in denial when the Rapture of the Church happens.  They will have an excuse as to why millions and millions have vanished. 

The events of Revelation will unfold and the hatred and anger you see today will look like a schoolyard brawl in comparison. 

Read the end of Revelation. 

God will be found to be true.

Know today where you will be spending eternity.

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