Thursday, August 8, 2019

The evil that men do

This world is not getting better, not by a long shot.  Hatred and evil have but one source. Sin.

Sin exists in the hearts of every single person.  In Christ, the power of God is able to subdue it. Without Christ, none can withstand its influence. Add to it Satan and all those that fell with him, now known as demons.  They live to hinder any and all from finding God's truth. They live to subvert and twist God's truth. Satan himself began with "Did God really say..."

The other side of the coin is fear.

Satan will use it to put chains around believers and to oppress unbelievers.

This world is not experiencing global warming. 
This world is not experiencing a rash of ever intensifying hate crimes.

This world is getting ready for the return of Christ.  Satan knows his time is running out.  He has been trying since the dawn of creation to take God's Throne.

He is not all powerful.  He is a created being.

He cannot read the minds of believers. No demon can enter in where the Holy Spirit lives.  He can, however, have a powerful influence over unbelievers. 

Whether or not you agree, the truth is, most of the abhorrent actions you see in the world are from demon possession.

But their work isn't just to bring down unbelievers.  Their works include impersonating Christians and influencing the so-called church to abandon what God says is true in His Word.  Never overtly. Never out in the open.  But you have seen the effects.  The whole coexist movement.  The so-called interfaith alliance. Trying to convince everyone that we aren't against what the rest of the world believes. 

Nothing is farther from the truth.

Satan and his minions have been watering down the truth from churches to individuals.  Inundating believers with all kinds of forms of idolatry.  Disguising it as things they deserve.  Disguising it as entertainment, relaxation. People are so relaxed and idolatry fat that when real threats come there's no defense because they don't know how to fight.

Jesus asked the question, will He find the faith when He returns?

The faith.  Those who are walking, talking, examples of Him. I have seen and experienced self-serving so-called pastors and churches.  Loaded up with all kinds of heaping amounts of Spiritual condiments but no meat under it.  People show up thinking they are worshipping but really are being entertained.  Books are being sold to follow sermons.  Look folks, only ONE book us required for a sermon. The Bible.  Not books on man's opinion of a Spiritual topic.  Only God's Word is sharper than any two edged sword. Only God's Word is able to divide soul and Spirit.

Why is evil so prevalent?

It was once said that all that is required for evil to rise is for good men to do nothing. People are so indoctrinated into the false teaching that you shouldn't judge.   It's crippled the effectiveness of the true Church to help correct lives and restore relationships!  Church discipline doesn't happen. Read Matthew 18.

We aren't to condemn people. That's for God alone.  As long as people are breathing there's hope for restoration and redemption. We should be ever aware of people, not to be fooled by them. Like Jesus's example.  He put His trust in the Father.  Not in man.  He knows what's in the heart of man.

The Church, the real Church, stands on the Word of God.  Nothing else. 
Not on this speaker or that speaker.

Get ready because Jesus IS returning.

What will He find with you?

Are you taking your studies seriously?

Yes. Studies. We follow Jesus, our Master  and Lord.  He teaches us through the Spirit. Are we listening? Are we obeying?
Is that which is important to Jesus important to you?  Will He find the faith in you?

Get off your feet and get on your knees. Find out where you really are with God.

What will you answer Jesus when He asks you why you should be let into His Heaven?

You were a good person?  Won't cut it.
You helped people? Won't cut it.
You saved the Earth? Won't cut it.
You...well anything you can say won't cut it except for Jesus dying for you, taking your place on the cross for your sins.

What will you answer when asked what did you do for Him? 

Tougher question huh? 

Think about it.

You may not be a believer, and if you are reading this and are not, don't let that last question scare you.  Sin can weaken anyone in their walk with God. Within the believer is a battle.  Paul wrote of it in Romans. In the end, Christ is always the victor.

It's time for believers to reexamine their lives.  To wake from their slumber because Christ's return is closer today than it once was. Influence this world. Pray for it. Change this world, pray for it.
This world is not your home.  Don't live like it is.

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