Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Where are you?

I often find myself wondering about people that God has brought across my path in my life.

Here is not the place to start naming names, but for someone who has a difficulty remembering names, when they come to mind, there's a reason.

It can and has been said that if God's bringing someone to your mind, pay attention, because it means the Spirit says to pray for them.

In my life experience, I can say with all certainty, that I would not be where I am today if others had ignored the call to pray for me. 

God gives us moments in time to reflect.
To look back upon life and like any excited parent, loves to point out how you were helped.  Some liken that to the poem 'Footprints'. 

Most may not say it outloud but you can hear it in between their statements...'God where are you?'

Any question can be asked of God, just be prepared, the answer might be difficult to accept.  Not impossible to accept, but difficult.

I have said in many earlier posts of finding myself hungry for more and asking God "show me more".

God loves to show us more!

When the focus of our lives isn't on us, but on Jesus, it's amazing how much better our lives get.

Stress goes down if not gone completely.
Worries are fewer and fewer.

Our prayer life takes on a life of its own and becomes far more personal because the truth shines through...we have a personal Savior.

One who loves to talk to us. One who loves to be with us.

In this, it's best to remember a few things.
Have no place in your life and heart for bitterness, anger, stubbornness, grudges, etc.  Forgive often, let go of that stuff.

Those things make me think of a mule.
How they can dig in when being made to do something they don't want to.

If you at all have dug in due to a situation that has happened to you, better make sure you are in the right not your idea of right but God's.

Paul speaks of putting off the old self and putting on the new.  Of putting on the full armor of God in the letter to the Ephesians.

We have to let go of self in order to let Jesus make us into what He is wanting us to be.

As I said earlier, He is a personal Savior.

Someone once wrote of there being rooms in our lives and that when we come to Christ, He wants access to all of them.

God will show you what to let go of in your life.  It's up to you to do it.

Our lives as Christians isn't about us, it's about who Jesus is making us to be.

He uses us to reach others.  The Spirit is who brings people to mind for us to pray for.  So as I began, so I continue with, if the Spirit is bringing someone to YOU.  Then stop and pray.

If He hasn't been...I would start asking myself why not.  That's where the other points of today come in.

The Spirit is the same as Jesus, just of another kind. The term Paraclete is used in the original language of the Bible.

To reject or disobey one is the same as rejecting or disobeying the other.

Forgiveness is a requirement to keep all channels open between us and God.

A Disciple is one who is being taught by a Master.  Turning aside from personal wants and desires to become like the Master. 

Jesus said we are His Disciples if we obey and follow Him.

So think about your life today. 

Harboring any ill feelings towards anyone?  Biblical example.  The man that the Lord told to open the eyes of Paul. He had major misgivings about it...but was told to do it. He was afraid of the man. Knew his reputation.  But he obeyed.

We harbor things it gets in the way of the Spirit working in us and others.
We don't forgive it gets in the way of the Spirit working in us and others.

Interestingly I have found the less I have to be attached to the more God gives me to think about and do.  He gives more for people to do when they are in line with His desires for them.

So think about your life today.  Think about your heart and mind.  Scripture says to pray unceasingly.  See someone, pray for them. Remember someone, pray for them.

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