Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Wisdom and King David

It's a rather interesting and intense set of Scripture reading and devotionals that I read this morning.

Interestingly the Scriptures and 3 devotionals all were about King David.

King David's words in Psalms were about the works of God and were reminders of all that the Lord has done for Israel.

We do not see the whole picture of our lives.  Only Jesus can and does.

He sees where we really ought to have gone left instead of right.  He sees when we dug in our heals rather than let go of a situation.  Where we didn't really forgive but gave lip service to say we had.

He sees it all. Every opportunity gained and lost. Sees every single possible outcome that we could never fathom.

King David began his life as a Shepherd. To look in Samuel and other books you see a man who experiences a lot. As Spurgeon put it, he was in school his whole life.  Aren't we all?

But look at the book of Psalms.  King David was a very emotional writer.  God calls him a man after God's own heart.

Your Savior is very emotional as well.  Compare what you see of King David with King Jesus. 

It's no coincidence when you look at tge Gospels and then search the Old Testament, you find a great deal of Scripture about King Jesus in King David's writings.  At the end of one of the Gospels it says that beginning with Moses He showed them all about Himself in the Scriptures.  Want an interesting challenge prayer?  Ask Jesus to show you the same.
I did. I keep a 3rd Journal just for things that Jesus shows me.

We look at our lives and if we are honest we long for simpler days.  When did things get to be so complicated?

As my thoughts began down that road, some interesting things came to me.  Satan's had a very long time to learn how to manipulate human beings.  Oh he thinks he's all that and can come up with ways to thwart God, but he never will.
But to look at how he has used everyday accepted things to rob people of a right relationship with God is astounding.
He convinces people that to be accepted they NEED to do this or people will think you are THIS way or THAT way.  Your children MUST participate in this or people will think you aren't a good parent.
How you MUST eat this way or live that way or you aren't going to be accepted.

The lies are subtle yet vastly intertwining.

We get convinced that we must be right in a situation rather than looking at things from a different perspective. Once convinced we dig in our heals and nothing will move us until God says enough is enough.

King David had vast amounts of troubles within the ranks of his military, his family, his so-called trusted friends.  He ran from most of them at some point in his life.

His heart was broken a lot.  The anguish he felt was exceedingly and excruciatingly deep and painful. 

Think on that.

When you read about how painful and devastating his broken heart was...you are really reading about God and....you.

It's very deep. Very deep. I have often sat in wonder like King David about what is my house that God would take notice of me, as King David had written of himself.
Yet I need to see that the broken heartedness I read is about me too.
Of how I had wronged my Lord and Savior.
Of how I had went the wrong way and He went after me to bring me back.

We who are Christians are indeed, as Scripture says, being made into the likeness of Jesus. We are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works which He has prepared beforehand. 

Not all creativeness is a joyous thing.  Yes the end result is a masterpiece, but look again.  Look at the countertop, look at the floor.  Look in the trash can.

Look at all that had to be reworked, rewritten and removed in order to find that masterpiece within that object of His desire.

Each stroke, each strike of a hand or hammer was not without pain. Not without some form of sadness or hurt.

No surgery is within scars. Something remains that reminds of what took place.

King David had lots of scars. We all do.

Yet all Jesus sees in us who are believers is perfection.  He sees us as we will be.

Simplicity is indeed best. A Disciple left behind everything and everyone who would get in the way of learning to be like their Master.  Denial of self to become what the Master wanted to see.

The more I simplify the more freedom that I experience.  It's much more than that.  The more I seek what Jesus wants the more He shows me about me and our relationship with each other.

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