Saturday, August 3, 2019


A few things were affecting the strings of my heart at this time of my morning.  Reading about people having difficult times, yet also reading about hope.  Waking up to the song Even If by MercyMe.  It was written because he knew the truth of things and he wanted to share that in song.  His life off stage was very rough at times.  Having a special needs child was very hard on him. A child needing daily shots and the emotional struggles that went with that. 

I then read "If you always choose the easy way, asking for the peaceful valleys, you will never see God's power displayed to enable you to take a mountain. Seek out the mountains, and you will witness God doing things through your life that can be explained only by His mighty presence."

From my perspective, my life hasn't been the greatest.  Certainly not in light of the pillars of the faith that I grew up around let alone those from the Bible.  I stumbled and fell more than I was on my Spiritual feet it seemed. 

I had many a day where it indeed was one struggle after another.  Life hurt. I would try and try but things just weren't the way I was expecting.

I sometimes really thought about the words to "It Is Well", the hymn.  Because if I were honest, it wasn't. 

But looking back, I was never alone.  Even when physically I was.  I just wasn't speaking very well with my Savior.  I was trying so hard my way and not asking Him for what He wanted of me.  Such is the life of many probably. 

Many many times, being with others, I would hear prayer requests of taking away their troubles. It's interesting to read David in Psalms 23. He didn't ask for that.
Caleb when finally entering the Promised land asked for a mountain to claim as his inheritance.  He wanted the challenge and to further his reliance on God.  On his own he couldn't do it, but knew he could conquer the strongholds that were in those mountains.

Sure we want an easier road.  Who wouldn't?  But character isn't developed by doing things the easier way. 

A tree that never faces storms never has deep roots.

When it does face one it is ripped from the ground because there was nothing to hold it down in the ground.

We face things in life to develop as the Godly men and women that Jesus desires us to be.  We may be like Job and face rough things daily, or we may ride the waves, digging deep roots and indeed understand why.  

I was reading 1 Samuel and the Lord was explaining to him that God looks at the heart.  So what is the condition of your heart?

Are you all wrapped up concerning the things in your life or are you living for Jesus?

You want peace, but to get it means living for Jesus not for you.  Those that seem to receive it apart from God will find its very temporary.

So open up your heart to God and do as David did.  Pour out your heart and wait on His response.  You will indeed find the peace you long for and cannot find on your own.

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