Monday, December 2, 2019

All means All

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16–17

If you are not firmly grounded in God's Word, you will be bombarded with an assortment of doctrines, lifestyles, and behaviors, and you will have no means to evaluate whether or not they are of God. You cannot develop a righteous life apart from God's Word. Righteousness must be cultivated. As you fill your mind with the words of God, and as you obey His instructions, He will guide you in the ways of righteousness. Scripture will equip you for any good work God calls you to do. If you feel inadequate for a task God has given you, search the Scriptures, for within them you will find the wisdom you need to carry out His assignment. Allow the Word of God to permeate, guide, and enrich your life. - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

It is always fascinating to see when God connects the dots in His Word.  Equally important is when faced with differing points of view on Scripture, He shines His light in such a way to illuminate truth. 

I have seen many pick and choose Scripture in their lives.  Pick out what they want and disregard what isn't what they believe.   Some so-called faiths have gone as far as to remove wording or verses to make their so-called Bible less offensive.  Less offensive??  Jesus told everyone if they hated me they will hate you.  Pray for your enemies.  Show the love of Christ but tell of the need to repent and turn to Jesus.  Sin is real and sin has an eternal problem.  Separation from God for eternity in Hell.

Many don't want to proclaim such things.  Yet that message is the truth.  It is astonishing how often idolatry is mentioned in the Bible.  What blows my mind is how little the professing Church agrees with God on that very problem!

I used to not give it a thought until I was shown what kinds of idolatry exist.  Then it was like the Spirit turned the mirror around and made me look.  The seriousness of His act, the somberness of His mood, showed me He wasn't 'joking'. That nothing that mocks God is 'all in fun', or 'not taking it seriously'.

Scripture says every careless word will be questioned.  Which includes those kinds of expressions.   

We live in a world of self expression.  Showing off what's important to us. We wear clothing or items that proclaim what is most important to us.  If what you are wearing is more important than God, you have an idol problem.  Scripture gives examples of how you dress, of how your behavior is like, of how it may win someone for Christ or turn them away. 

Many are fearful of witnessing to others. 

I have a clue for you.  Your life IS a witness.  What you wear IS part of your witness.  You show the world, let alone God, what is most important to you. 

Some may think that I am singling out sports, but no, I  don't choose what I write about.  God does.  But if any sports team irritates you, if it causes you to get angry, bitter, makes you say or behave in a less than Christ-like way, you have an idolatry problem.  You will justify your actions and words as it all being in fun.  Ok. So what if a non-believer sees you behaving this way and in that moment sees your behavior and turns away from Jesus?  What if this behavior you claim is alright is a stumbling block in your walk with God?  It consumes your time.  You spend hours unwittingly memorizing useless facts and figures about people you don't know personally.  You argue in your zeal in a way that honestly shows you worship what is before you.   Is it any wonder that even the NFL has stated CLEARLY that Sunday's used to belong to the Church, now it belongs to them?  It more than the NFL. College sports.  More and more consume hundreds of thousands of hours in these endeavors rather than even an hour a day in their Bible or in prayer. Or worst still, wear the symbols of their idols into His Sanctuary to worship Him!  Read Ezekiel!  The Lord Jesus a huge problem with this!

Be very aware that as a believer your life is under scrutiny by God's enemy.  Why does he prowl around seeking someone to devour?  He is looking for weakness. He is looking to see just what he can introduce into your life to keep you from growing in Christ.  To keep you so preoccupied that you neglect to lift people up in prayer.   

You are in a Spiritual war wherever you go and in whatever you do.  You need to make sure of your movements.  Make sure you are listening to and following orders from your Savior.  Scripture says that no soldier in active duty has time to be entangled in the affairs of the world.  You have one to whom you are to be serving. 

So re-evaluate your walk with God. 
Look for anything that isn't pointing people to Christ.  If your life is consumed with your wants your wishes your desires. You need to stop and get right before Christ. 
If what you do in life apart from what is necessary to sustain your life takes your from a right relationship with Jesus then get rid of it!  You very well could be helping someone get on their way to Hell rather than Heaven.  Much is said, again, about how people view the behavior of Christians.  We will be attacked more for our hypocrisy than we ever will for our faithfulness. 

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