Friday, December 27, 2019

His Direction Our Joy

Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me. Psalms 119:133

At the BBC in London, Paul Arnold’s first broadcasting job was making “walking sounds” in radio dramas. While actors read from scripts during a walking scene, Paul as stage manager made corresponding sounds with his feet—careful to match his pace to the actor’s voice and spoken lines. The key challenge, he explained, was yielding to the actor in the story, “so the two of us were working together.”  - Our Daily Bread for today, December 27 2019

Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 2:5 

Attitudes do not just happen; we choose them. Paul urged believers to have the same attitude that Jesus had. Jesus was the Son of God. His place was at the right hand of His Father, ruling the universe. No position could be more glorious. Jesus’relationship with the Father gave Him the right to this honor. But Jesus chose not to hold on to this right. Nothing, not even His position in heaven, was so precious to Him that He could not give it up if His Father asked Him. His love for His Father compelled Him to make any sacrifice necessary in order to be obedient to Him. When the Father required a spotless sacrifice for the redemption of humanity, Jesus did not cling to His rights; nor did He argue that He should not have to suffer for the sins of rebellious creatures of dust (Isa. 53:7). Rather, He relinquished the glory of His heavenly existence in order to become a man. He was born in a cattle shed; He slept in a feeding trough. His life was spent preparing for the day when He would suffer an excruciating execution. All of this He did willingly. We are tempted to hold tightly to things God has given us. We say, “I would be willing to give up anything God asked of me, but I just don’t think He would ask me to give anything up!”The Father asked His Son to make radical adjustments in His life. Can we not expect that He will ask us to sacrifice privileges and comforts as well? If you find yourself resisting every time God seeks to adjust your life to His will, ask the Spirit to give you the same selfless attitude that Jesus demonstrated.
- Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

Read well these two parts.  I have often shared a picture of Jesus kneeling before a child.  His hand outstretched. Beckoning the child to give Him what was in her hand.  Her beloved doll.  Behind His back was a more resplendent doll. He was asking her to trust Him. He has something better in mind.  But first she needs to let go. 

How often do we miss the boat? 
How often are we so concerned by what's in our hands that we miss what God's trying to do through us?  In this I am imminently guilty.  Are you?

How often do we get so comfortable in our situations, that, when God asks something special of us, we don't go and do?

To learn to be a Disciple means to literally walk in the same footsteps of our Master. 

Like the story from Our Daily Bread.  It's exactly that.  To take up His yolk is to join ourselves in what Jesus is doing.  A Yolk ties two or more together to intentionally go the same way at the same time. 

The second part is all on us.

Our attitude. 

We have two to choose from.  Out of all the emotions we only have two? You ask.

Yes.  There's willingly and unwillingly. 

We can do it because God said so or we can not do it because God said so. 

But, I can tell you from experience, the second hurts worse.  Look at Jonah. 
He was told to go and do.  He ran away and tried to hide.  Didn't work out so well. 
He did it on the second time being told. 

Name one person who ever regretted obeying God.  Just one.  I'll the social media response goes.

Our fears get in our way.  It's not a gospel song but the title fits. "I'm always getting in my way."

We have a sin nature that hates to obey God.  We have this from birth.  The Holy Spirit in a believer combats it daily.   But in the end it's up to the believer to choose. 

To choose their attitude.
To choose to obey. 
To choose...well...many things fit into this. But you get the picture. 

Joshua has a famous part in the Bible. 

Choose this day whom you will for me and my House, we will serve the Lord. 

Our choices begin the moment our eyes open from sleep.  Our sin nature attacks from the moment our eyes open from sleep.  Choice begins then.

Your word have I written in my heart that I might not sin against you.  As it is written. 

The more exposure we have to obedience and trust the more we find our footsteps aligned with those of our Master. 

Think about these things today. 

Your sin nature is smoke and mirrors compared to the power of God.  It may look ominous and foreboding but it's no match.  We choose to obey.  That's up to us.  We likewise choose the consequences.  So don't get upset with God if you choose incorrectly and there's a price to pay. 

Check your attitude often. 
Obey always. 

Watch what God will do.  
Get in step with your Savior. 

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