Sunday, December 22, 2019

THE Gift meant for You!

There is no eraser on the writing instrument of God that is used to write the name of the one who comes to Jesus for Salvation. 

Those names are written in the ink of the blood of Jesus. 

Think about that.  The lasting proof that you can't unsave you. You cannot truly come to Christ to be saved then lose it.  When Jesus said "It is FINISHED!" He meant it.  Every single thing necessary to be saved was completed BY HIM.  You cannot undo perfection.  The Plan of Salvation is the perfect work of God the Father.  You and I cannot do anything to break the commitment established between us and God when we receive the free gift of Salvation from Jesus Christ.  Biblical adoption is by and far more legally binding than anything on Earth.  

This Christmas you can receive such a gift that cannot be removed or returned.  No warranty to sign up for no expiration date to be concerned about.  It's benefits are guaranteed in this life and the one to come.  The life of one who accepts the terms of it can only get better.  There are no hidden clauses.  The gift comes with a Teacher and a manual for you to keep!  Jesus did it all.  He, even now, sits at the right hand of His Father, adding His authority to the prayers of those who call upon Him.

That's what You get.  You don't have to be concerned that the doors will close on you.  Jesus promised to never leave you nor forsake you. He never takes a vacation.  Isn't off the grid. His phone is never busy. 

Now also realize that there are those elements who would prefer you turn this gift down.  The side effects of it tend to sometimes make others feel uncomfortable.  Sometimes they lash out at those who have believed the truth of this adoption.  The light that begins to shine in those who believe tend to show things that have been hidden in darkness.  But no worries.  Jesus explains that too. People had the same problem with Him.  His guarantee of never leaving you alone stands firm through these times too.  

So this Christmas, ask for something that will truly stand the test of time.  Ask for something that you will truly enjoy.  Do you realize that there's a huge amount of excitement and celebration in Heaven when anyone says yes to that free gift?  Yes! Jesus wouldn't have included that fact in the Bible if it wasn't so. 

There is no eraser for the book of Life. Once saved in Christ always saved in Christ.  All our sins were accounted for and atoned for when Jesus said "It is FINISHED".  Believe today.  Come to Christ today. Recieve your adoption into the family of God today.

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