Saturday, December 21, 2019

Jesus: I think of You, Always

This Christmas, enjoy giving gifts to your loved ones, but never lose sight of the reason for the giving—the spectacular favor of God on His creation crystallized in the gift of His own Son to save us from our sin. We give because He gave. May we worship Him in gratitude!
- Our Daily Bread for today. 

Think about that gift. 
Think about that title to today's message. 

Be honest with yourself.  
Look at your life.

This may not seem altogether profound to you.  But do you really realize that you have never, even for a second, stopped crossing the mind of Jesus?

I can tell you till I am blue in face, but the reality is you need to consider it for yourself. 

You see, He loves you so much!  He loved you before the foundation of the Universe. 

He doesn't live inside of time like you and I.  He created time for man not the other way around.  

He also created a gift for you.  Yes, you. 
It's free.  There are no strings attached. 
2,000 years ago He left Heaven to come here to Earth.  He agreed with His Father that this was the only way to save mankind.  But He wasn't going to force it. The choice must be voluntary.  You have to want it.  Wanting it means a transformed life.  Receiving it changes you forever.  
Refusing it will also change you forever.  

It's interesting how mankind picks and chooses what they want to believe about God.  They will believe the concepts of good and evil. Will believe the concepts  of truth and lies.  Will believe in a Heaven and a Hell.  But refuse to believe the rest.  That the only one Sovereign over everything is Jesus Christ.  They even glorify Satan. 

For Christmas this year the greatest gift is coming home to Jesus.  It is the best gift you ever could receive.  

The truth also is time is running out. 

God has said He would not allow things to go on as they are forever.  He has fixed a day.  The Day of the Lord.  When sin indeed will be fully dealt with.  

Countless billions of people will not accept the truth of the need of the hour. 

But the truth of God remains the truth. 

Not one item of the Bible has ever been proven wrong.  Do you really want to miss out on being rescued?  A great mockery has taken place surrounding the sinking of the Titanic.  Of the musicians being told to play while the ship went down.  To distract people from the gravity of the situation. Sadly it was the truth.  There weren't enough lifeboats.  So they were forced to play and died themselves in the process. 

In the case of Salvation.  There's no shortage of lifeboats.  Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost.  Which includes you and I. 

Your life could be filled with disappointment and sadness.  
Jesus knows those feelings.  
Your life could be filled with horror stories. Read the Gospels. So was the end His earthly life. 

You could be grieving the loss of loved ones long since past.  Jesus knows those feelings as well. 

If you crave peace.  It's found only in Christ.  Life is about choice.  

What have you chosen? 

You may say that you don't want to choose.   Even that is a choice. 
A choice is a selection between two or more items.  You may indeed not choose to come to Christ.  But that will not change the truth.  

There was once a man who died and saw a fence with people on both sides.  One group was evidently Christians.  The other wasn't.  He really didn't like either group.  So he got up on the fence.  

A day came when he noticed the people vanishing from both sides until he was left on the fence.  He saw a figure on one side looking around.  He saw the man and approached him. "There you are. Come with me." He recognized him as Satan. 
"Hey! I am not going with you!  I didn't choose either group of people!"
Satan smiled and replied "Yes you did. I own the fence." Satan's great lie is that you have the option of not choosing.  Jesus says you do have to choose. 

Do you really want to risk it?  Do you really want to wake up some morning to find the headlines reading of millions vanishing and find yourself still here?   That is exactly how it will be for billions of people.  

Choose wisely today my dear reader.  I pray for those who read these posts.  God provides the messages. I just write what I am told.  If you are reading this He is talking to you. 

Yes. You. 

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