Sunday, December 15, 2019

Mary did you know? What of Joseph?

Many years ago Mark Lowry wrote a song called "Mary did you know?"  In it was many questions he wondered if Mary was thinking about.  

In recent years I have had a similar set of questions for Joseph. I totally agree with Mark concerning writing music, if you can't read it you really shouldn't be writing it. 

Joseph did you know?

Joseph did you know where your life was going to go?

Did you ever walk that close with God that you had a hint at what was to come?

Joseph did you in your prayers to God hear Him speak to you?  

Did you ever think on your lineage and wonder if Scripture would be fulfilled in you?

Did you ever imagine that the girl you fell in love with would achieve great things?  

Did you have other conversations with the Lord about your life?  

You were there when Zachariah spoke of your son to be.  Were your thoughts of the King?  

Did you?  Joseph did you?  

The King of Kings you now see before you in the manger.  Was your heart torn because of how your Lord was welcomed into the world?  Were you amazed by all the things that those who visited said about Him?

What conversations did you have with Jesus as it became your turn to hold Him?

You looked into the eyes of the Lord for the first time, did you see the love of God?

Your life was forever changed by that I know.  You got to hold the one who's life held yours. 

You were ready to go back to Galilee and you were warned.  Go to Egypt.  You went on your way.  Did you realize you were fulfilling God's Word?  Did you?

Joseph did you think about all that you were doing?  The peace of God you must have known.  Did you know?

You saw Him grow up before you. 
You saw Him take His first step.  Did you think of when He walked the Earth before you were born?
You heard Him sing, you had your own Father-and-son talks.  What did you talk about?  

These are just things that I wonder about.  Joseph got to go talk with his Son and undoubtedly the wisdom of the Lord was with Jesus.  Even at a young age we see Jesus spending hours in the Temple asking questions and answering them.

We read much about Mary but much had to have happened with Joseph too. What was it like to teach carpentry to the Creator?  Yes, I believe there was teaching going on.  It says much about His upbringing in the Gospel accounts of His early childhood. Of His obedience to His parents. 

All these are just questions that I have wondered about concerning Joseph. 
This time of year "Mary Did You Know?" Is very popular.  But to me, I tend to wonder about Joseph, his thoughts, his life. How do you wrap your head around the truth that you are raising the Son of God?

What soul searching questions did Joseph have for the Creator?  I have conversational prayers with Jesus most every day.  I have thousands of thoughts that turn to questions that I would love to be sitting across from Jesus to hear the answers to.  Joseph got to do that!  Like I said, not much is written about Joseph, but I have to believe there's volumes left unspoken that could be. 

I can feel his suppressed anxiety of knowing that Jesus was coming, and going from place to place in Bethlehem trying to find a place for Mary and the baby.  Then to know that a manger would have to do.  To know that a stall would have to do for the King of Kings to be born.  That all they had with them for Him to be wrapped in were burial clothes.  Every Jew carried with them burial clothes, it's just part of what they wore everyday. Joseph gave up his for the Savior who would save him.  Then to look upon Jesus and to have all that buried anxiety wash away at the sight.   I can't imagine that Jesus was a difficult baby.  But to think that there were indeed probably thousands of Angels surrounding you as you slept.  To hear the wise men.  To hear the many visitors.  To receive the gifts!  To see God's provision.  Wow.  I wonder at the people who wouldn't give them a place to stay. What did they think of themselves when they heard what the many visitors were saying?  Was there remorse or was there scoffing?  Both were at the cross, so I imagine both were at His birth.

So those are some of my Christmas thoughts.  Merry Christmas!

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