Thursday, December 19, 2019

You may not agree but it's the Truth

You may not agree, but it IS the truth. 

There's only one reason for the turmoil in this world today.  Jesus Christ said it would be this way just before He returns.  Spiritual Warfare is on the rise.  It's everywhere you look. Netflix promoting a movie depicting Jesus as being gay.  Disney and Hallmark promoting the homosexual agenda. At least one state, Virginia, is on the doorstep of Civil War.  A fully Democratic Government there promising to remove 2nd and 1st Ammendment rights. 
On top of this is the Spiritual war to try to remove President Trump.  Yes, that's a Spiritual war.  Scripture says that it's God who establishes Rulers and Kings. It is He who removes them.  Your children aren't safe in schools and it's nothing to do with gun violence. It's to do with the things they are being taught and allowed to do to your children that are what ought to wake you up.  Many schools have the right to make medical decisions for your children, did you know that?  And to also keep those things from your knowledge. 

Churches these days keep trying to not offend people but the truth is people are going to be offended by the Scriptures.  The darkness cannot comprehend the light.  

The media is not on your side.  They outright tell you it's their job to tell you what to think. 

If you aren't on your knees daily in prayer.
If you aren't in your Bible. 
If you aren't praying for your Government. 
If people going to Hell isn't bothering you as a Christian. 

Then you, my friend, will have a lot of explaining to do with Jesus. 

If you are solely living your life on your terms and are not concerned by what concerns Jesus then you indeed have a problem. 

Jesus warns the Church's in Revelation to wake up and to get motivated. To return to their first love, which is Jesus.  The call of a revival only comes after a period of great repentance. 

You may not be the cause of the world's problems but you can indeed hasten the day of the Lord's return.  Both by action and inaction. 

Pray for this country. 
Pray for our Leaders. 
Pray for your neighbors.
Pray for your coworkers. 

The greatest gift ever was born over 2,000 years ago. Given to all who would accept it.

Did you get your gift? I did.

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