Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Do you bring? Do you do anything?

He first found his own brother Simon, and said to him, 
“We have found the Messiah” (which is translated, the Christ).

John 1:41

People become known for many things. Noah is known as a righteous man in an evil age. David is known as the man after God's own heart. Peter is known as the outspoken disciple. John is known as the disciple whom Jesus loved. Judas is known as the betrayer. Paul is known as a fearless proclaimer of the gospel. Andrew is known for bringing others to Jesus.

The first person Andrew brought to Jesus was his brother Peter. As soon as Peter joined the disciples, he became the spokesperson for the Twelve, while Andrew remained in the background. It was Peter, not Andrew, who rose to prominence as one of Jesus’ inner circle of three. We do not read of Andrew resenting Peter; it seems he was satisfied to bring others to Jesus and leave the results to Him.
It is not surprising that Andrew found the boy with the loaves and fishes and brought him to Jesus (John 6:8–9). Andrew brought Greeks to Jesus, even though they were despised by pious Jews (John 12:20–22). There is no record of Andrew ever preaching a sermon, performing a miracle, or writing a book of Scripture. He is remembered for those whom he brought to Jesus.
Andrew is a good role model for us. Our job is not to transform people into Christians nor to convict them of their sin. It is not our responsibility to make people do what they ought to do. Our task is to bring them to Jesus, and He will perform His divine work in their lives. - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

Andrew evidently was a somewhat behind the scenes kind of guy.  Quite a few, in reality, in Scripture were.  He was in good company. 

I don't know if anything I have ever said or imparted to anyone ever was enough for them to say yes to Salvation in Christ Jesus in my life up to this point.  Outside of these posts, outside of a sermon or two that I have given, I don't know, and will never know the impact of me in this world to bring people to Jesus. 

But I have to try, to strive, to be whatever it is God wants me to be.  Armchair quarterbacks and couch potatoes in front of a television set are as bad as people professing to be Christians yet have done nothing useful for their Master. 

They talk up things yet have done nothing. 

Jesus gave parables on the need to be found doing something when He returns. 

That each believer has been given something special to be used for God upon receiving Salvation.  

We may never reach the worldly status of a Billy Graham or any other prominent man of God preaching on television or online today.  But that's ok.  As it's recorded, we don't really see Andrew preaching, we see him just doing for Jesus. 

Are you a doer?  Do you bring your efforts to the table for Jesus?   It's mere excuses to use 'oh I just can't...'. You're right!  I can't do what you read here every day for the last 18 or so months.  These writings aren't me, they are what God has for me to do, once I was willing to do for Him. 

I have been trying to write a book for over 35 years.  Nothing had panned out.  Yet, in being willing to write for Jesus, He has taken what I have written and multiplied it like the loaves and fish.  I have a second blog that is in the hundreds of page views. These writings here have hit over 38 countries and thousands and thousands of page views.  The difference is God's doing something with my being willing to do what I can for Him. 

Do you ever think you can't do for Jesus? 
Oh my friend, even those Andrew's like myself are useful to Him.  He can use you. Do not allow fears dissuade you.  You have no idea what you are capable of in Christ.  In Christ failure isn't possible.  In Christ we can do what He has for us to do, for you to do.  It isn't possible to fail at doing what He has for you to just need to be willing. 

But I don't know what tomorrow will bring! Well neither do I, but, I do know who holds tomorrow in His hands. 

My deepest conviction in being willing to do what God has me doing, is that day that I will stand before Him.  What did I do with what I was given?  Did I bury it under a rock or did I invest it?  What have you done with what you are given?  If you came to Christ, you WERE given something to use.
That's the nature of that parable that Jesus spoke of.   

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