Monday, October 12, 2020

Introducing the Holy Spirit

The Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost . . . John 14:26 KJV 

This age is especially the time of the Holy Spirit, in which Jesus cheers us not by His personal presence, as He will do before long, but by the indwelling and constant abiding of the Holy Spirit, who is always and forever the Comforter of the church. It is His duty to console the hearts of God’s people. He convinces of sin, He illuminates and instructs—but the main part of His work still lies in gladdening the hearts of the saved, in confirming the weak, in lifting up all those who are bowed down. He does this by revealing Jesus to them. The Holy Spirit consoles, but Christ is the consolation. We may say that the Holy Spirit is the Physician, but Jesus is the medicine. The Spirit heals our wounds, but it is by applying the holy ointment of Christ’s name and grace. The Spirit does not draw from His own things, but from the things of Christ. So if we give the Holy Spirit the Greek name of Paraclete, as we sometimes do, then our heart confers on our blessed Lord Jesus the title of Paraclesis. If one is the Comforter, the other is the Comfort. Now, with such a rich provision for our needs, why would Christians be sad and discouraged? The Holy Spirit has graciously offered to be your Comforter—do you imagine, you weak and trembling believer, that He will be negligent in this sacred trust? Can you suppose that He has undertaken something He cannot or will not perform? If it is His special work to strengthen and comfort you, do you suppose He has forgotten His business, or that He will fail in His loving duties toward you? No, don’t think so poorly of the tender and blessed Spirit whose name is the Comforter. He delights to give the oil of joy for your mourning, and the garment of praise for your spirit of heaviness (Isaiah 61:3). Trust Him, and He will certainly comfort you until the house of mourning is closed forever—and the marriage feast has begun. - C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

Really read what Spurgeon had to say.  Most King James translations call Him the Holy Ghost, which isn't accurate.  By no stretch of the imagination is He a ghost, not that there are such things as ghosts. 

He is third person in the Triune God. He is as Spurgeon mentioned as the Paraclete, meaning 'another of the same kind' as the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is as alive and as important as the other parts of the Trinity. 

He indwelled Jesus in His Earthly ministry for the Scripture says that when Jesus came up out of the water the Spirit descended upon Him like a dove. 

He is also referred to as the Helper.  He is referred to by Jesus as the Teacher to come after Him.

Scripture says that those who have come to Christ for Salvation are sealed by the Spirit.  A distinguishing mark that no earthly or otherworldly being can do anything about.  Sealed by the Spirit is permanent in every aspect of existence in the eyes of God the Father. 

I honestly look at my life in awe of what the Spirit has done and is doing.  20 plus years ago I should have died.  At that dark moment in my life I was contemplating suicide.  God changed all that. He intervened.  Changing both the direction of my life and the purpose of it.  The Spirit is very much alive and His fingerprints are on me.  In the areas of my life that I have given up, I have found that I don't miss. I am in awe of this blog. What it has done, where it has gone.  That aspect has nothing to do with me.  That's the work of the Holy Spirit of God. Same with my Facebook group.  Only God grows spiritual things. Only God makes something out of nothing.  Only God can take a wretch like me and make something useful out of it.

But that's you, I hear you say, that's not what's going on in my life. My friend, in order for a child to be given something better, that child must be convinced to let go of what is the most important thing to them.  To trust.  Jesus stands before you, as He does to all who claim to call on His name.  He has something for you, but YOU need to give up your hold on what is most important to you.  You.  In all actuality you indeed may not be asked to give up on it, but to simply trust God with it.  Then to see where God takes you and it.

Our lives, in Christ, are not our own. Yet so many are taught that after coming to Christ they can live as they want and see fit to live. 

Look around you.  This world is not going through climate change.  It's not global warming.  It's preparing for thr return of Christ.  The Earth is the Lord's and all it contains. That's in the Old Testament.  The Earth knows its Creator. It groans and anguishs, waiting for the moment when He returns as He promised He would.  Scripture is being fulfilled, evil men and impostors are on the rise.  Just as the Scripture says.  Jesus said that He wondered if He would find the faith when He returns.  In many places the professing Church is dwindling.  There are innumerable 'Churches' claiming a great many things, but they are not of the true Church of God. Compromises are rampant in them. Lies spoken from the pulpit by unqualified people. Scripture twisted to say things that God never intended.  Those places and people do not have the Holy Spirit of God. They have demons.

Your life before God is proven by the activity of the Spirit in your life.  

In regards to the former accusations of evil men and impostors? Try any man claiming that God has no problem with homosexuality or any other sexual sins.  Try any woman claiming that they are a Pastor.  Try any who claim that there is more than one way to get to Heaven. Try any who do not confess that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, that no man comes to the Father but through Him. 

Jesus said you will know people by their fruits.  You will be able to see good Spiritual fruits in those who are truly in Christ. 

My friend, look at your life and who you are living for.  If it isn't Christ, and you claim to be a Christian, you have a serious problem.  You have become one of those who have compromised. You have to get your life right with God. 

If you haven't received Christ as your personal Savior, do not be discouraged. He's been waiting at the door of your heart your entire life.  Fear not, He knows all about you and still loves you enough to want to save you.  If only you would let Him. The Holy Spirit will come into your life with Christ and you will be among the family of God. Life might not get better, but you will NOT be going through it alone. 

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