Monday, October 5, 2020

The Father's chosen Advocate

If anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. 1 John 2:1 NKJV 

If anyone sins, we have an Advocate. Yes, though we sin, we still have Jesus. John does not say, “If anyone sins, we have forfeited our Advocate,” but we have an Advocate—sinners though we are. All the sin that believers ever did, or could ever be allowed to commit, cannot destroy their interest in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Advocate. The name given here to our Lord is thought-provoking: Jesus. So then He is an advocate of the sort we need, for Jesus is the name of One whose business and delight is to save. “You are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins” (Matthew 1:21). This sweetest name implies His success. Next, it is Jesus Christ—Christos, the anointed. This shows His authority to plead our case. The Christ has a right to plead, for He is the Father’s own appointed advocate and elected priest. If He were of our choosing, He might fail—but if God has put His help on this mighty chosen One, we can safely put our trouble where God has laid His help. He is Christ, and therefore authorized; He is Christ, and therefore qualified, for the anointing has fully equipped Him for His work. Jesus can plead in a way that moves the heart of God—and prevails. What words of tenderness, what sentences of persuasion, will the anointed use when He stands up to plead for me! One more part of His name remains: Jesus Christ the righteous. This is not only His character but His plea. It is His character—if the righteous One is my advocate, my cause is good or He would not have taken it up. It is His plea—He meets the charge of unrighteousness against me by the plea that He is righteous. He declares himself to be my substitute and puts His obedience on my account. My soul, you have a friend well-fitted to be your Advocate. He cannot fail—so put yourself entirely in His hands. - C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

For as long as I am able, I will continue to write as my Lord dictates to me each day.  That is said only with respect to knowing a day is coming when either indeed that aspect of Scripture, whereas we find ourselves in that time when mankind will not listen to sound doctrine or I am unable to.  No, nothing has happened to me to say such things, however, in all things it's best to be prepared. 

I believe what I believe.  That many years ago being told in a conversation with God that the Rapture was going to happen in my lifetime.  Mine was the generation that would see it.  

I have left a writing in various places called "When millions vanish..." because that's going to happen. 

My Advocate is indeed Jesus Christ. Appointed by God the Father.  He indeed will be returning to take us who are called by His name, home to be with Him.  As Scripture says, the dead in Christ Jesus will arise first, then those who remain who are alive in Christ will join them in the air.  In that moment, the bodies of those people across the centuries will reform and be purified and made whole again. Rejoining their spirit.  To be with Jesus forever.  

The Advocate is the primary Defense for the Accused in the courts.  In the case of Believers it is Jesus Christ, appointed by God the Father through the Holy Spirit. 
We who are found to be in Christ Jesus do not stand condemned. When looking upon us the Father sees Jesus.  

Should you still be among those who have not believed and have not come to Christ to be saved, you stand alone.  Your sin remains.  When the Father looks at believers in Christ, He sees perfection, sees no sin. Therefore there is no condemnation for believers.  If you stand in your own rights, your sin remains.  No matter your defense, you are guilty.  

In the life of the believer Satan tries very hard to make them believe that Jesus has given up on them.  The Father's chosen Advocate cannot and will not give up on any who have called upon Him to be saved. 

Any and all religions go on about all the ways you can get to a paradise or Heaven. Yet none are true since The Advocate, Jesus Christ, is THE only way into Heaven. 

It may seem like this is written over and over again, but indeed time is running out. 

Was reading in Isaiah 24-25 this morning. It's a different perspective on the judgments of Revelation.  Look at what we are in right now.   A man made virus had indeed done as it reads there.  It's brought low the lofty people. It's bringing about the foundation of the beginning of the judgements of God.  The return of the Roman Empire.  Confusing?  Not really.  This is indeed written of in Scripture.  In Daniel, in Ezekiel, in othet books of the Bible.  There is no global warming. There is nothing but preparation happening. The world and the people of it are being prepared for what was written about over 2,000 years ago or more.  

In the days of Noah life was going on day to day just as it is now. Most not believing or caring about what might or might not happen next. In Noah's day absolutely nobody believed that the flood was coming until the day that the Lord told Noah and his family to get in. He was closing the door. The Advocate for Noah had spoken. 

Today this world wants people to keep on living in ignorance, just as those back then lived.  

But realize this my friend, when the skies opened up...millions got the picture. Their rejection of God sealed their fate.  Hell was receiving billions of people. Technology didn't save any. False beliefs didn't save any.  Celebrity status, political parties, nothing saved the ones in the Ark.  Protected by their Advocate. 

Nothing you hold dear today from house to car to technology to family, friends, acquaintances...anyone...nobody...will be able to save you when Christ returns and you have not already chosen Him as your personal Savior and Lord.  You will be here when those you know who DID receive Jesus as their Savior have left.

Is your way of life, your pride, your possessions, any aspect of your life more important that your soul?  You do indeed have the same disease as I, it's called sin. Only God's chosen Advocate can cleanse us of that disease.  The same Jesus who touched many many leapers and healed them.  The same Jesus who cast out demons, that brought the dead back to life, that perfect Advocate wants to save you too.  You are what held Him on the cross. 

Scripture says no man knows the day nor the hour of Jesus returning, but it does say we will see the signs leading up to it. 

My dear reader, all the signs you will ever need to see are in front of you now. 

As I have said from the beginning, God speaks, I write, He is talking to you. 

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