Sunday, October 11, 2020

Potency and Prayer

Let us lift our hearts and hands to God in heaven. Lamentations 3:41 NLT 

The act of prayer teaches us our unworthiness, which is a very beneficial lesson for such proud beings as we are. If God gave us favors without forcing us to pray for them, we would never know how poor we are. But true prayer is an inventory of wants, a catalog of necessities, a revelation of hidden poverty. While it is an application to divine wealth, it is a confession of human emptiness. The most healthy state of a Christian is to always be empty of self and constantly depending on the Lord for supply; to always be poor in self and rich in Jesus; to be weak as a butterfly personally, but mighty through God to do great things. That is the value of prayer: while it adores God, it lays His creatures where they should be—in the very dust. Apart from the answers it brings, prayer in itself is a great benefit to Christians. As daily exercise gives a runner strength for the race, we acquire energy for the great race of life by the sacred labor of prayer. Prayer preens the wings of God’s young eagles, so they might learn to soar above the clouds. Prayer prepares God’s warriors, sending them out to combat with their nerves steadied and their muscles firm. An earnest petitioner comes out of his prayer room, like the sun rising from the chambers of the east, rejoicing like a strong man to run his race (Psalm 19:5). Prayer is the uplifted hand of Moses that routs the Amalekite army more than the sword of Joshua (Exodus 17:9–13); it is the arrow shot from the prophet’s room announcing defeat to the Syrians (2 Kings 13:15–17). Prayer surrounds human weakness with divine strength, turns human folly into heavenly wisdom, and gives troubled mortals the peace of God. We don’t know what prayer can’t do! Great God, we thank you for prayer, a powerful proof of your marvelous lovingkindness. Help us to use it properly today! - C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening. 

I confess, while yes, I do have a prayer life, there is room for improvement.  

Personally, my greatest struggles lay not with understanding the Bible, it in the aspect of studying it.  In all of my schooling K-12, even at Vocational school and the Electronics Institute that I went to after graduating from high school, I can count on one hand how many times I actually needed to study. I never learned how to study.  It was never taught while I was in school on how to discipline yourself to do it.  That handful of times that I reread chapters before I test or exam certainly weren't enough to create a learned discipline. 

I pray often for understanding and wisdom.  If a lack of understanding things is a weakness for God to work in, in my life, then He certainly has plenty of room with which to work. 

I pray as conversationally as I can when it's just Jesus and I, wherever we are.  I certainly have a great need to understand the Bible more.  I often see things to ask Pastors about that often times leaves them scratching their heads.  I just have never looked at the world in the same way that most people do. 

But my desire to pray is always there.  I falter and trip on this road of life we all are on.  I sin as everyone does.  It's the getting back up and moving part that often trips people up. Yes, we sin. Ask for forgiveness, get back on your feet, and get back in the game. Wallowing in self pity isn't for the Christian.  

Prayer is the path to forgiveness and healing.  Satan cannot stop it.  YOU can stop your prayers. 

You can simply not pray for forgiveness. You can also accept that sin as nothing new and live with it, putting up a wall between yourself and God.  
You can intentionally sin and put up a wall between yourself and God. 
You can do, say, or think of ways to keep your hold on your sin, refusing to believe you need or should ask for forgiveness of God for them...what it costs you is your fellowship with your Savior.  In Romans Paul referred to it as practiced sin.  You intentionally shake your fist at God and refuse to let go of it. Until either He makes you let go of it or He takes you from this world, His Will WILL be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. 

Sin breaks down the communication between you and your Savior.  

Masters we are in sin. Masters still more are we at renaming a sin as something good.  We call it something else so that we don't believe we need to be forgiven of it. 
Homosexuality is one. Idolatry is another. 

You cannot redefine sin when God is the one who defined it.  Sin is far more horrific than we have the IQ to understand.  It was that which put Jesus on the cross.  Every sin from a "little white lie" to that of a murderer.  From not telling the truth to the mass murderers we see in the news.  Every type and every kind of sin is what separates man from his Creator God. 
And the chief kicker is you are born in sin.  If you never speak to anyone all your days, and do not accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, you will spend eternity in Hell.  But in regards to that scenario, my friend, God says that every man will be without excuse.  Every single person who has lived to see a moment of understanding of good and evil is without excuse before a Holy God. 

Prayer is the way to Salvation in Christ Jesus.  Prayer starts our walk with God. Prayer is the place to find peace.  Prayer is where we bring our wants, needs and concerns. Not that God doesn't already know, it's for our growth that we also pray. 

Another aspect of prayer is the more we pray the more places in our hearts and minds Jesus goes.  Expect to feel a little dirty when Jesus shows you things about you. He will still forgive when you ask. However, you cannot hold onto sin and yet ask for forgiveness.  No if's and's or but's.
If Jesus is showing you something of your life there is a reason and it likely is something you need to let go of. 

Prayer is for you and it is for God.  Jesus prayed often to His Father.  

What do you need to make right between you and God in prayer?

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