Sunday, October 25, 2020

Yes He still washes feet

He began to wash the disciples’ feet. John 13:5 NLT 

The Lord Jesus loves His people so much that every day He still works for us, doing things analogous to washing the disciples’ soiled feet. He accepts our poorest actions, feels our deepest sorrows, hears our slightest wishes, and forgives our every transgression. He is still our servant as well as our Friend and Master. Jesus not only performs majestic deeds for us—with a crown on His brow and precious jewels on His breastplate, standing up to plead for us—but He also humbly and patiently goes out among His people with a basin and towel. He does this when, day by day, He takes away our constant weakness and sin. Last night, you bowed in prayer and sadly confessed that much of your conduct was not worthy of your Christian profession; even tonight, you will mourn again that you have fallen into the same foolishness and sin that God’s grace long ago delivered you from. And yet, Jesus will show great patience with you. He will hear your confession of sin; He will say, “I am willing. . . . Be clean” (Matthew 8:3); He will again apply the blood, speak peace to your conscience, and remove every spot. It is a great act of eternal love when Christ removes a sinner’s guilt once and for all, putting that person into the family of God. But what a condescending patience Jesus shows when He bears the recurring foolishness of His wayward disciples, day by day and hour by hour washing away the multiplied transgressions of His straying but still-loved children! To dry up a flood of rebellion is something marvelous, but to endure the constant dripping of repeated offenses—to bear with a perpetual trying of patience—that is indeed divine! While we find comfort and peace in our Lord’s daily cleansing, it should also influence us to increase our watchfulness and our desire for holiness. Is this true in your life?
- C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

Some may think that the 'time' to believe in something like the stories of the Bible are long past.  Nothing is farther from the truth!

Jesus still washes feet even today.  
Jesus still forgives His Children every day. 
Jesus still is ready to save those who come to Him every day. 
Jesus still fulfills Scripture every day. 

And yes, He still washes feet every day. 

Our problem, the problem of both mankind and those who believe is the lack of belief in what Jesus is doing, does, and why He would. 

Believers are still infected with sin, just as unbelievers are.  Sin is still a part of this world until the Bible is fulfilled in its entirety.  Jesus still has work to complete until the Father says it's time to begin the end.

Jesus keeps His promises.  He continues to obey His Father.  He continues to heal.

We are the ones who neglect to remember that. We are the ones who do not rely on Christ.   We allow, both believers and unbelievers, sin to snake its way into our lives. 

Both make excuses for sin.  Idolatry and adultary, homosexuality and even abortion plagues both sides of the aisle.  

So Jesus, as Scripture says "Let God be found true and every man a liar".  

Jesus still washes feet.  To the believer it is to get them back on the path of growth in Him.  To the unbeliever it is to show them the truth, that He still loves them and does want to save them.  

My most impactful acting experience was to be in an Easter performance playing a Disciple at the Last Supper.  I can't convey the powerful message of a visual example of Jesus washing my feet, as I stood and, as Scripture reads, argued that it should be the other way around.  I am not worthy of such a kindness from my Savior. Yet He says it must be done, must be this way, to have a part with Him. 

Won't you stop fighting Him and let Him wash your feet today?

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