Monday, October 26, 2020

Where is God working? Do you know?

Look among the nations and watch—be utterly astounded! 
For I will work a work in your days which you 
would not believe, though it were told you.

Habakkuk 1:5

Christians habitually seek God's voice through prayer, through His Word, or through His messengers. Yet sometimes we fail to hear God speak through His activity, even though He is working all around us. God encourages His people to watch for His activity so they will know how they should respond and adjust their lives.

The disciples discovered much about God's power by witnessing Jesus calming a raging storm with a command. Seeing Jesus dine with the notorious sinner, Zacchaeus, taught them a poignant message about God's love for sinners. Watching Jesus hang upon the cross communicated a compelling message of what God was willing to do to free people from sin. Discovering the empty tomb revealed an astounding truth of God's victory over death. To those with spiritual discernment, God's activity is a significant revelation about His heart and His will.
If you are sensitive to what God is doing around you, He will clearly speak to you through His activity. You will know that God is at work, because what you see will astound you, and human power and wisdom will not explain it. When you experience events that surpass your understanding and ability, it may be that God is communicating a critical message to you.
If you want to hear God's voice, look around you to see what He is doing. When you are watching for God at work, what you see will reveal His character, and you will have a fresh understanding of how to respond to Him. - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

Oh what happens when the believer in Jesus Christ is right where he or she ought to be in His Plan for them. 

The results of such work are literally unexplainably out of this world.  God certainly does more than we can ask or think when what we ask for had been His Plan all along.  Ephesians 3:20-21 "Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen." 

Our obedience and trust align us to the Plans that Jesus has for us in this life. 

A more important song than Amazing Grace is Just as I am...running very close to Trust and Obey.  

You only run the risk of implying to God that God is your Genie if all you ever do is go to Him for wants and desires. If your contact with Jesus in prayer does nothing to soften your heart and bring to mind your need for forgiveness then you are honestly looking down on God as your servant to obey your every whim and not your God who saved you to make you more like Christ. 

Jesus didn't save you for you to just only get out of Hell.  He has a Plan to make you more like Him.  Both in this life and that which comes after it.  We are still sinful beings. We still need washing from our sins each day we are in a sinful world. We are worse that a just recently washed white car that, when you look at it again is already getting dirty again all on its own. 

Jesus wants to and is ready to do much more than we can ask or think in our lives. Our obedience and trust paves the way. "Apart from Me you can do nothing" Scripture says.  I remind Him of that often in my morning drive to work while I pray.  

If I want to truly live, I must live as He wants me to.  The Scriptures are full of every single bad example of a life or lives wasted on worldly living.  Of how craftily Satan creates idolatry to weave into the Church.  Yes it's there in most Churches. How can that be said?  Read the letters to the Churches in Revelation. Those are but samples along with Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians for us to read and learn from about what to do or not to do in the Church.  Churches realistically use business models to try to bring people in as if what Christ did was the latest model car, trying to convince everyone to buy it. Gimmicks and glossed over idolatry to attract people. Is it working? Yes, if you are on the side of Satan.  He will certainly grant such places the ability to appear to grow. 

When God's Plan and your activities are on the same page, there is no part of that activity that could ever be called into question.  When an outsider can only give God the glory for what is seen and done then that is from God.  When all that comes is waves of feel good activities and when they can fit in God's apparent work then it needs questioned.  

Christians will either obey God or their idols.  Christians can have idols? Yes. If the Jews could and do, Christians are just as susceptible.  Having the name of Jesus on you means living like it.  Not living for yourself the rest of the week. 

To see God work and move in your life requires your obedience to God.  It means you looking at what gets you going.  What excites you.  DO you get more excited about anything in this world than you do being a child of God?  Do you give your time, energy and effort to what God wants of you rather than your own wants?

It's a beyond awesome experience to know that you know you are in the zone obeying God.  You have no trouble seeing that your actions and activities are what He wants you doing and thinking about.  This blog blows my mind every day.  To see what God is doing with it. How He is multiplying His message through me to people all over the world.  All it took was obedience to His Plan and purpose for me. 

What about you? Do you wear symbols of idolatry or are you known for your walk with Jesus?  Do you know more about worldly idols than you do God's Word?  Any activity that consumes your time, taking it away from your walk with Jesus, can be an idol. Not everything is, but anything can be.  If you can spend hours watching and whooping it up over a football game but can't give Jesus that much time then you have an idolatry problem.  Same goes for games of any kind, of television, of recreation. 

Our seeing God work in our lives is dependent upon our living the way He told us to.  It's in our obedience we see His blessings beyond measure.  Where is God working?  He is supposed to be working through you. 

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