Tuesday, October 13, 2020

No more secrets

“For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything 
hidden that will not be known and come to light.”

Luke 8:17

One of Satan's subtle deceptions is that you can do things in secret that will never be revealed. This is simply not so. The Bible stresses that everything done in darkness will one day be brought to light. So before you commit yourself to do anything questionable, seriously ask yourself, “Am I willing for those around me to know what I am about to do? Am I willing for God to watch me participate in this activity?”

The knowledge that God sees what we do, the certainty that we are accountable for every word and action, ought to dissuade us from sin (2 Cor. 5:10). But we can become so alienated from God that even this knowledge does not deter us. God promises that He will publicly expose our sin so that we must give an account to others for our actions. Ultimately, everything we do will be exposed on judgment day.
Still, some people believe they can sin against God, their families, their employers, or their friends and never be discovered. God has provided a safeguard against sin: the certainty of disclosure. Scripture commands us to expose the deeds of darkness as we become aware of them (Eph. 5:11). As Christians we are to be the light that dispels darkness in our world. Sin cannot continue in the Christian's experience, for light cannot dwell with darkness. The only insurance against having your sins exposed is living a blameless life. - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

Secrets.  Oh how we live in a world full of secrets. From others, sometimes laughingly from ourselves.  We also live in a world of the illusion of secrecy.  Believing what we have been doing nobody else knows about. 

Technology wise, hate to break it to you, there are no secrets within audio recording range of a device that connects to the internet.  If you even think your phone, tablet or laptop use, let alone your smart TV is safe, forget it.  In exchange for your convenience you gave up privacy. All the tech giants have supercomputers to digest your daily digital life along with the other millions of people.  Try having a conversation about some idea or product and wait a short while to then see it as a suggested item to buy.  Been there done that in many experiments.  This isn't probably going to scare you. Because most have been desensitized to the reality of it. 

What does this have to do with God?

My friend, way more than you know.   You see, God knows everything about you.  Every thought and intention. Every time you switched directions in a train of thought He knew before you did. Scripture says it is He who searches the hearts of man.  

What you might not grasp the whole of is that in spite of all the things you have said, thought or done, Jesus still died for you. Where any single iota of sin in you, confessed or not, simply what you are born with being enough, was enough to nail YOU to a cross, He took your place.

You might have convinced yourself of nobody else knows when it comes to sin. What does it matter, it's not hurting anybody.   Weelllll, there is where you are wrong.   It hurts your relationship with Jesus.  Sin is sin.  Yes, for those in Christ Jesus there is no condemnation, it also isn't a ticket to continue living in it.  In Romans Paul talks of practicing sin, intentional sin. Sin that people do on purpose knowing full well that the Word of God said otherwise.  The Pharisees and Sadducees were religious leaders of the day and were exceedingly proud of their outward behavior. Yet were always called out on what they thought they were hiding from God. Today, in our world, we still have those kinds of people.  People claiming to be Christian yet intentionally living in sin. 
Remember, my dear reader, if you disagree with what I type, your disagreement is not with me, it's with the Word of God. 

God will not allow rebellion of any kind into Heaven.  

Which means anyone, believers or nonbelievers who practice homosexuality, who are women claiming to be preachers. People who justify stealing regardless of the reasons. People who justify themselves in light of their sin.  People have since Cain, tried to convince a Holy God what should be acceptable to Him.  

God isn't just a God of love. God is a righteous God. He is a God of judgment. He has been charged with bringing all things into subjection to the glory of God.
Which means sin in all its forms will be dealt with.  For unbelievers it means eternity in Hell. For believers it means a life of having it expunged until they die, then in that moment sin is fully removed from them.  

There are no secrets to an all knowing God.

There's no doing things in secret that He will not know about.  And please, don't try suggesting that since He did nothing to you that it must be ok by Him.  If you are still breathing He is giving you the chance to get it right by Him. 

Why are bad people getting away with so much?  In due time they won't be.  Everyone will face Jesus.  Everyone who does wrong to those who are His, will face the justice of Jesus.  It all has been seen by Him before the parts we are aware of. 

Too many Churches today have allowed so much of the world in that they have watered down the consequences of sin. 
They have honestly preached the message of Satan, not of God, that their sins aren't that bad. That it will be ok. 

In your life you need to make sure you are right before God.  Nobody will be standing there with you on judgment day.  It will be you and your thoughts, intentions and actions being looked at from your lifetime.  Not what was seen only but everything.  For me, personally, this is my deepest sadness concerning myself. I know that in Christ I am forgiven, that He has cast my sins as far as the east is from the west, but until I am with Him, I am still aware of them. 

Today, if you are finding yourself compromising, if you are finding that you are indeed living a lie, today make it right before God.  If you are indeed intentionally living in sin. Stop. Confess it. Ask God to show you how to overcome it. Your views of what is right and wrong mean nothing in light of what the Bible says...should those views be different. 

Today is the day to get right before God. 

I have been fascinated by the huge volume of caught on video dashcam videos.  Of the probably millions of people who were shocked to find their lives changed in a split second.  

Christ will return in a split second.  Will you be ready?

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