Saturday, October 16, 2021

Why do YOU do what you do do do?

Why do YOU do what you do do do?

Not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord. 

Lord, whatever my hand finds to do, I will do it with my might; for there is no work in the grave. Whatever I do, I do it heartily, as to You, Lord God, and not to men, knowing that from You I will receive the reward of the inheritance; for I serve my Lord Christ. Whatever good I do, I will receive the same from You, Father God. Jesus said He must work the works of You who sent Him while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work. He once asked, “Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?” Zeal for Your house, Lord, has eaten Him up. I seek to be more diligent to make my calling and election sure, for if I do I will never stumble. I aim to show the same diligence to the full assurance of hope until the end, not become sluggish, but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises. May I run in such a way that I may obtain it. 

May I serve You, Lord, with all that I am— and to You be the glory! 

ROMANS 12:11; ECCLESIASTES 9:10; COLOSSIANS 3:23–24; EPHESIANS 6:8; JOHN 9:4; LUKE 2:49; JOHN 2:17; 2 PETER 1:10; HEBREWS 6:11–12; 1 CORINTHIANS 9:24

Dr. David Jeremiah Life-Changing Moments with God 

We always have a choice. 

There's always turning left or right, forwards and backwards. Up and down. Side-to-side even. 

We have before us at all times the choice of obedience and disobedience. 

We choose to do what we do and we choose why we do it. 

There's will be no "I don't know?" answers when we at last stand before Jesus. He is the truth and will reveal the truth. He isn't a Judge asking questions because there’s something He doesn't understand or know. 

We choose daily to obey or not to. We choose to do our best or we choose for whatever reason not to.

There's either diligence or laziness.  In our human world there’s those living in sin and those choosing not to.  Nowhere in the Bible are we told to do what we feel like because it will all work out anyway. Nowhere is it written that we will not give an account for the deeds done in the body, in fact it's quite the opposite. 

Many in this world have heard the phrase "Would you do that if your Mother were here?".

Sadly many still would because they wouldn't care if anyone including their Mother saw it. Sinful passions and desires block out the sanctification process of people towards Godly living.  Embracing the world in loving the things of this world puts up barriers between you and God. 

I am still appalled by the things that I have seen go on in a few church services in my life. The way that a worship service went and how, from the outside looking in, it was easy to see idolatry, not a Jesus centered worship service. 

You have to live life as defined by your Savior in what should and should not be in it. To do so requires you to believe what He says. Requires you to stand for what He stands for. To oppose what He opposes. To understand that our sanctification is at stake. We are to be His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works that we might walk in them.  We aren't to come to Christ then run off to do our own thing and live life like the rest of the world. 

The Prodigal Son story is all about that.  Had His Father’s name, yet wanted to go live life his way. Learned that it's not possible and at his lowest returned to his Father.  Returning in brokenness to be obedient to whatever was his Father’s desire. 

Part of the prayer that today's devotional is about is why I do do the things that I do. 

I am compelled by the desire to do my best as unto the Lord.  He did everything for me!

Oh yes there's temptations in this world. There's desires to suppress. There's the sin nature trying to convince me of what I could do and not do. Of what to accept and what to dismiss. 
Thus the importance of God’s Word.  

I can't trust me.  I, at my heart, within me, am a liar, a thief, a robber of life. In regards to what Jesus defines life to be, without Him I can do nothing.  My sin nature killed me long before I had been aware of it.  Long before my first words. In Christ I am made alive.  In Christ I can do all things well. In Christ can I live, when salvation came and made it possible. 

Without Christ a person is literally the walking dead.  The sentence of death is over them continually.  Only in coming to Christ for salvation can that sentence be revoked. 

We should WANT to live in obedience after coming to Christ for salvation but our sin nature isn't so willing to just lay down and die.  We will be deceived from time to time. We will be tricked by it. That's where forgiveness comes in. 

Look at your life. Look at why you do the things you do.  In everything there IS a reason behind it. We all will reveal that reason when we stand before Christ. 

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