Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Your Life, His Vision

Your Life, His Vision 

The Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved. ACTS 2:47 

Pastor Charles Swindoll tells about what was, at one time, the greatest evangelistic outreach center in the metropolitan Boston area—a gas station in Arlington. Bob, the owner, had a vision for his work being part of his faith. He provided such honest and dependable service that cars would often be lined up just to buy gas and be serviced at his station. There were no “Jesus Saves” banners, religious sayings, or “fish” symbols in sight. Just Bob—a committed Christian who led dozens of people to faith in Christ because of his Christlike life. Rebecca Pippert has said, “Christians and non-Christians have something in common: We’re both uptight about evangelism.” People found Christ at Bob’s gas station because Christ, not evangelism, was what they encountered. When evangelism, the church, or even Christianity takes the place of Christ, everybody gets uptight. What is your “gas station”? Wherever you encounter non-Christians, ask God to show you how to make Christ, not evangelism, the focus. Every Christian is a lens through which the world is trying to catch a glimpse of Jesus.
- Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

Long ago there was a by guy who, although he had issues, made a statement that rings true to today's devotional.  Bloom where you are planted. 

God's grace and mercy are shown in the lives of believers.  I read this devotional first this morning after my Bible reading and was told to stop and write. 

Yesterday my first day at work at my new job. It had the typical first day things. But mixed in was my being able to testify as to how I got to be working there.

One person for certain asked me that question and I was given time by God to explain things to them.  God provided and I shared.  

Do you live your life in such a way as to recognize opportunities to talk about what Jesus has done for you?

Our world today doesn't want to relish the things of God.  Satan's vision is to drive mankind to worship him. God's vision and Will are that none should perish but that all who would believe would be saved. 

You cannot live your old life and your new one too.  You cannot convince yourself of loving aspects of this world that run contrary to God's views on sin. Look at the book of Jeremiah. He was shown as are all of us why the wrath of God is coming to this world.  We read what offensive mankind wilfully makes.

We hold onto so much in this world and don't even realize it.  We cater to sins because people are not taught that that is what they are and what they are doing.  Again, read what God says in Jeremiah.  Read what truly defines idolatry.  You would be surprised. 

A flower cannot grow the way its designed by God to grow if its being choked by weeds.

You cannot be who you were meant to be in Christ if you keep running back to the world to be happy.  Why aren't you finding happiness in Jesus?  You call Him your Savior, sing sings to God.  Yet are doing the same things that Israel was doing that provoked God's wrath.  

It's an eye opening book to read, if you dare.  You realize none of the deceptive worldly things that fool people into garnering the due attention towards the Lord Jesus will be happening in the thousand year reign of Christ Jesus?  People will spend much if not all their time learning about Jesus.  Won't be needing a great deal of the time consuming and other occupations that exist today in both medical, sports, and entertainment industries. 

So look at your life and be honest with yourself. HAVE you been deceiving yourself? 
Are you living the life God intended you to live or do you live to be pleased regardless as to if He is pleased?

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