Monday, October 18, 2021

You HAVE a Purpose

You HAVE a Purpose 

If you remain completely silent at this time . . . you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this? ESTHER 4:14 

It is hard to believe that one person can make a difference in the course of human events. But if you subtract Esther from the Old Testament, there is no Jewish nation, there is no Jesus Christ, there is no Bible, and there is no hope for humankind because Esther was the link that preserved the Jewish nation. She was one who consecrated her life to God and did what God wanted her to do. God used Esther to turn the events of the world around. He may choose to use you in a significant way as well. The dedication of one can make the difference for many.
- Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

This morning is another step of faith for me. For my Wife as well for what I am about to do impacts her.

We moved 21 or so years ago and did so because we knew that God was directing ud to do so. The times in which we lived were certainly not as we see them today.  Back then we had more family to seek out in help and wisdom than is here today.  

Spiritually speaking we have been through many valleys and over many mountains. 

We have in recent months had many what if conversations.  Of events over the years where opportunities to do what we are doing now might have been missed. 

But realize this my Dear Reader, God...misses...nothing. 

God knows you right down to how many hairs are on your head. 
God knows your every anxious thought. 
God knows your every need, and to be frank and honest, those needs are not what you think they are. 

You, like Esther, if you indeed are in Christ, have a divine purpose in this moment of history. 
You are part of God's plan and purpose for the salvation in someone else's life. 

We need to remember that is a large part of what we are here for. 
The rest is our sanctification, our becoming more like Christ. 

If you are a believer you need to be aware of the truth about your identity in Christ Jesus. 
We are living in that time before Christ returns. We need to be about the Father's business just as Jesus was while on the Earth. He turned that over to the Disciples who, after empowerment by the Spirit of God, became Apostles. Who were taught to teach others, making Disciples, passing it along throughout the world. We have to choose to live out our purpose or God WILL find someone who will be obedient. 

Life is full of off ramps from the road of life. Flashing signs and even those waving at us to come and see. 

Jesus told us through the Apostle Paul to remember we are to run the race we are in so as to win the prize. Runners in a race cannot afford to be off physically or psychologically. They have to bring their A game or they won't finish the race. 

Do you really want to have the conversation with Jesus as to why you DIDN'T do what He needed you to do?

I am not going to lie to you, stepping out in faith is a bit daunting.  I am no fan of roller coasters. To me it often feels that way when I face the unknown. Peter probably did when his first foot came out of the boat. His first step of faith. 

In a short time I will be putting my present employer in the rear view mirror again. I know there is no turning back. I am trusting the steps that God has for us to be right and true because they are evidenced by His hands in them. 

God's Will is for all to be saved, all who would come to Him for it shall be saved who mean it. 
God's Will is not to leave you as He found you. He removes our sin, heals our wounds, sets us on our feet. He sends us the Spirit to teach us all things in regards to being who we now are in Christ Jesus. Look at the Gospels. Just as Jesus used life's happenings to teach and grow the Disciples, so the Spirit does in like manner. We have a purpose in life just as they did. 

We need to realize that. 

It took most of my physical life to understand and get that. Right now, in this moment, God is taking me through things, that years ago I couldn't fathom or handle.  God is writing through me to reach people in this dying world. This world that is embracing Satan's vision for it in opposition to God. 20 plus years ago I couldn't fathom the scope of what I have been through. 
When Peter died, I have to wonder if he thought back to his first step out of the boat. 

God had you born in this time and in this moment for a reason. 
You who are in Christ have a specific purpose in reaching the lost of this world for Jesus. 
You who read this who are not yet counted among the who are on the outside looking in...Jesus is calling to you. To come home to His Father and your Father. You don't have to live aimlessly through this world. You can have a purpose. 

Are you living your purpose or living for yourself?  I have been disguised as many occupations in my life but what I have been since 1974 has been a Child of God, growing in Christ, awaiting that day that either He returns or calls me home.  

Look at your life and see what you have been doing with it.  Jesus said you would know PEOPLE by their fruits.  What fruits are on your life?

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