Friday, October 15, 2021

Your Today

Your Today 

God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” EXODUS 3:14 

No one ever sank under the burdens of today; but add yesterday and tomorrow to today, and it can capsize your life. Jesus said, “Sufficient for the day is its own trouble” (Matthew 6:34). Dr. Osler, a famous physician of years past, made a helpful observation. He noted how oceangoing vessels were able to seal off various sections of the boat so that a leak could be contained in only one part of the ship. Though damaged, a ship could still make it to safety. Just so, he suggested, we need to develop the capacity for sealing off the yesterdays and tomorrows that fuel the fires of worry. We need to learn to live in the compartment of today alone. God is the great “I AM” (Exodus 3:14), not “I WAS” or “I WILL BE.” The Christian who lives with Him today, in the present tense, is the one who will be free from worries about yesterday, today, or tomorrow. - Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

The last 48 hours has been incredible to live in, with seeing all that God is doing, but Today is is where I am to be living in. 

Years ago I was given the perfect description of living in Today, versus living with frequent memories - both good and bad - and the constant concerns of tomorrow. 

Imagine if you will driving down the highway at around 65 miles per hour, and you spend most of your time only looking in the rear view mirror. Now, I don't need to explain what will happen, but consider it. It's a certainty you will wreck the vehicle into someone or something. 

Continue in our example. You're looking miles ahead only and what becomes of you? You still will wreck the vehicle due to not paying attention to what's in front of you.  

When I was taught to drive we were taught to check the rear view mirror, check the side mirrors, check on what's down the road, but to keep your main focus on WHAT IS IN FRONT OF YOU. 

I was reading in Isaiah this morning before getting to my devotionals. If I could convey to you how amazing it was that the words of God just came off the page and wrapped themselves around me I would.  God was telling me as I was reading that I needed to put my name in place of the one I was reading about. Those were the things that I was seeing coming true in my life. 

To be honest and truthful I am somewhat of a bean counter at heart with a penchant for planning out things in advance.  Ducks not only need to be counted, but I need to know everything from the direction they are going to what will be needed for them several steps from now.  It's been very difficult to stop that. To learn to live life as I was taught to drive. 
To just deal with the Today that He put right in front of me and yes prepare for future things but not to distress over them before I get there. 

I am not there yet but am learning. To let go and let God takes practice. 

We can walk around in this world with stickers on our cars, logo's on our clothes, the right Christian music in our ears all we want.  But the reality of Today is at some point the tires need to be on the pavement before you move forward in life. The phrase the rubber meets the road comes to mind, but do you really understand what that means?

What keeps the vehicle on its wheels? What keeps it in its lane?  It is only, really, 10 percent the driver behind the wheel. It's the friction of good tread on good ground. Worn tires or a subpar surface leads to accidents that could have been prevented if the driver prepared by ensuring good tires, and a better idea of the road conditions, as well as giving more time for those conditions. 

We get rushed in this world because it's thinking it needs to be rushed. The Bible often teaches, to stop and consider. The world teaches to rush and decide, the offer expires soon. Don't think just do. The Bible teaches to ask for wisdom before doing. The world wants people to go with the flow. The book of Proverbs is replete with examples of fools. What a fool is, what a fool does, and how to avoid both fools and foolish behavior. 

Your Today is important enough to stop and pray before you get going. 
Your doing a self evaluation of your vehicle before driving it is apparently wise counsel so why wouldn't you prepare for the events on the road called your life?

In the here and now you who are in Christ are to walk with Jesus.  Jesus always was in the here and now.  We are to walk as He walks because we are becoming more like Him.  We aren't to be more like the world. 

Stressed? Worried? Where are you looking? 

It's been both challenging and very rewarding to just focus on what God has put in front of me to do in each day.  To not look too far ahead. To do my best in today.  To not focus too much on the mirrors of what has been, but to use them as intended. To be reminded of what didn't work and what did so that Today is better than yesterday.  It's removed so much stress from my life. 

God's in my Today before I even get there.  He's in your Today before you arrive yourself. 

Trust and Obey for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey. 

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