Sunday, June 23, 2019

Don't Need to Imagine

By now most everyone has probably heard "I Can Only Imagine".  Like many millions this song, no pun intended, strikes a chord with me. 

What's difficult to explain, let alone put into words, is my own experience. When I was barely a toddler, I had surgeries on my eyes to correct being born cross eyed.  Go now to "Heaven is for Real". In the back of that book is a photo and a story of another child who also has seen Jesus.

In some respects, the three stories all come together for me.  When I had those surgeries, I don't remember much beyond the terrifying feeling of not understanding what was happening or what was going to be done to me.

But in those moments when I was beyond what my little mind could tolerate I remember being with Jesus.  The man that the little girl painted is who I was with.  I know that face.

There are moments in my life when I can think back, a deep longing comes over me. To go back.  I really want to be with Jesus again.  I long to have Him hold me again. 

I know in that experience that Jesus is more real to me than anything else.  I know He is coming back soon. My excitement grows.

So does the need to share what I do on my blog and on here.  Jesus has open arms for all who would come to Him to be saved.  No fears of what you have done in this life should stop you.  He already knows.  He knew before you were born. 

Liken it more to an adoption as described in the early New Testament times.  When someone of high position adopted someone, two ceremonies took place.  A private one and a public one. Once consummated the law said it couldn't be broken. In public, before officials, old garments were removed from the adoptee. The one adopting would then place new garments on them to show all that their status has changed.

The same goes with coming to Christ. Matters not what was done before adoption, your old life is gone, a new one in Christ is given.  Your status before God the Father in Heaven has now changed.

The love of Jesus that I felt over 50 years ago still resonates within me today.  He is for real...come to Jesus today and you won't need to imagine a life with Christ. It will be real for you too.

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