Sunday, June 23, 2019

Much...and Rich

In the preparation of food, volume of it and it's consistency are what sets it apart from either sustaining a person joyfully or gorging themselves without regard.

The difference between "I don't care, I am hungry!" and "Oh what a delicious meal!"
Actually some are in between, eating only just because.

But now...remember what it is about food. If done right, it is indeed a delicious delight.  If not, well, it might do but would hardly be a delight.

Some conisuers would argue it's more in the pace you eat. Not what you eat.
That the richest of foods could be enjoyed in severe moderation. 

Some unknowingly look at learning from God the same way as looking at food. They just don't realize it. 

God's idea of learning will be at a pace you can understand.  Your ability to learn will grow as you grow.  It will lessen as you slacken your attention to it.  Indeed God sees where you are in your life. Every second of it.

The Scriptures are replete with examples of growth in people.  Seeing many from beginning to end.  I had a part of a passage in my mind this morning.  About a tree firmly planted by the waters.

A tree...a very awesome plant when you consider all it goes through.
Planted...put where God wanted it.'s location intentional.
Waters...that which is from God that sustains.

Used to be in schools, that you were shown a cross section of a tree. The outermost part, the bark. That section that bears the brunt of exposure to the elements of life. The growth rings.  The parts of its life that lived through the hard times and good times. The heart of it all. Where the rest is sustained.  The roots, where nourishment arrives from nutrients in the soil as well as water. The branches that show the world the goodness that God has granted.  Basking in the life giving warmth of the sun.  A tree in a bright sunny day looks beautiful but doesn't tell you it's story.

Doesn't tell you of all the storms that came against it, causing cracks, scars.
The times when it thought the end was near because it couldn't take another hit, couldn't take another blow.

But look again.  It's because of what it went through,  where it received life, it became something much much greater than what it ever could on its own.

Its existence is rich, and full when it is where it's supposed to be.  It absorbs whatever is found in the soil. A tree can even absorb iron deposits.

The life giving power in the Scriptures is like rich, fine food. It's also the best soil. It's your guide to life. It's not a swiss army knife.  It's THE Swiss Army knife.
In it you will not only find the perfect food for the day, but find the utensils to take it in.

The right portions for you.

It's easy to overeat. It's certainly not difficult.  Reading your Bible at your pace, a good pace, is what's right for you.  Just make sure you ARE in it daily.  A tree firmly planted will only grow as long as a continuous supply feeds it. A tree dies either by something invading it that doesn't belong in its life, or by its roots no longer doing their job. A lack of sun, a lack of water.  Alone or a combination will spell doom for a tree.  Scripture has something to say on that for us, when the worries of this life get ahold of us, we take our eyes off the one who sustains us.

We are indeed trees in one respect.  We need sustained by our Creator.  We cannot take a breath apart from what He provides.

His love for us is far from that of a tree. But His love covers even that tree. God created them too...and before the fall of man, God saw His creation was good.

You have to eat, to be in the Word of God.
A person can't very well say they know what God wants of them if they are not in it.  I am not hungry is a bad sign for someone saying they are a Christian.  It's too rich for me is also a bad sign.  Take small steps but indeed take the steps.
When we are sick, often we don't feel like eating.  But our bodies still need to be sustained.  Small bites are better than none.

Read, eat, enjoy.  Bring new life to your body.  See what Jesus wrote in His love letter to you.

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  1. Thankyou Jesus for everything you have BLESSED me with