Sunday, June 23, 2019

THE Journey

While on a journey, things inveritably happen. Sometimes you are just going along and not paying too much attention to where you are walking and down you go.  Then you find yourself massaging an ankle.  After a time you get up and begin to hobble, needing to keep going. You now find yourself not holding the world around you with the same regard. Your ankle has your attention.  Your path has your focus upon it.  The journey has to continue. More rest stops but when you look back over your shoulder you realize what you missed.  Some good things and others not so much. You see where a danger was avoided and you are relieved.  Time to get back up. You move on. The journey has to continue. It's life. Reba MacIntyre had a song quite a while ago with a line in it about how the world didn't stop for her broken heart.  We are all on our own journey called life. It all depends on if we have light to see by or we don't. The only light in this life is Jesus. In the book of John He is called the Light. We can only have an idea of what the Psalmist describes in Psalm 23 because of the light.  You have no awareness of dangers you cannot see.  Praying before a day starts is asking for the light to go before you.  Keeping a focus on that Light is what leads you on. Shows you the way. Makes you aware of your surroundings. Lets you ask Jesus for the help you need because of the Light He provides. I refer to Spiritual matters.  All physical life is impacted by what goes on in the Spiritual realm.  Jesus's coming to earth, His life and ministry, His death, burial and resurrection. All were because of what needed to happen between the Physical world and the Spiritual.  To make a way.  Our situations and circumstances, if you are a believer, are part of the process to grow you Spiritually. It may be joyous some times, it may hurt to all get out other times. But if we accept the Bible as Truth,  then we have to accept what it says about our life. God causes all things to work together for good to those who are called according to His purpose.  Romans. We are His workmanship. Philippians.  He will never leave us or forsake us. The promises go on. If you have stumbled and fell, take a breath, rest a moment, get back up.  Pray, and move on.  Life isn't going to stop. Not until we are at the point that our growth on earth is at the best it can be and God calls us home. As I mentioned a few other times. I  went through some very painful things early  last year. I was on the ground. Had lost sight of the Light. God took that and set me back on my feet and lit the way. The Spiritual surgeries at that time hurt. But I am grateful for them. Letting go of physical baggage to lay ahold of Spiritual treasures. If you find yourself on the ground.  Stop, breathe. Pray. Just obey and do what Jesus is telling you. It probably is going to hurt. But He will see you through. This world is temporary. He is eternal. He loves us too much to leave us to fend for ourselves. Keep your eyes on His Light. In His Word, obeying His Voice.

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