Sunday, June 16, 2019

In a Second You will know...

For a hundred years Noah built an Ark in the middle of a great expanse of land.  God told him what to do and why God was doing it.

The world already was more wicked than at any point up til then in human history.
The only people found righteous were Noah, his wife, his sons and their wives.

So what did they experience for a hundred years?  Noah tried and tried for that hundred years to reach someone, anyone.  Who knows? Maybe someone might turn and repent. Although nobody did, was there anything accomplished by preaching for a hundred years?

Yes, there was. Noah and his immediate family were changed.  At least one was not changed for the better, but they were indeed changed.  Look to Jacob and Esau.  God shows that when Jacob prayed for the problems with his brother, that He changed them both.  Both were brought more inline with what God wants.

Look at Nehemiah, the death threats, the plots, the ambushes that were tried in order to prevent the remnant from rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.  Satan isn't creative.  He used these same tactics before. Noah faced them.

Scripture says that every man will be without excuse.  No man or woman will have any defense before the sinless Savior of the world. 

Do you think that what you face is unique to you?  Satan would like you to think so.
He badgers and tempts and twists thoughts and thinking to get both believers in Christ as well as unbelievers.

The evidence of a global flood is everywhere.  Scientists try oh so hard to try to give some other explanation.  But there is none.  God gave a promise in the Rainbow.  Satan twisted that to be a symbol of the very thing that caused the flood in the first place.  I believe if sexual sins indeed what people won't repent of in Revelation, it's the same as what it was in Genesis.  Look at one of Noah's sons. He sexually violated his own Father.  He was cursed for doing so.  The evil of those pre-flood had reared its ugly head again.

Look at today's world.  Sexual sins are rampant.  It's history repeating itself.

Here's your truth...

At the very second of your death, you will see the absolute truth about Jesus.

If you choose a life without Christ now, in that second you will crave it. When your eyes open up for the first time in torment in Hell, you will crave a second chance. You will crave a chance to tell those you left behind to not do as you did.

If indeed you did choose Jesus to save you, in that second you will find yourself in His presence.  Facing your Savior. Welcomed to Heaven.

The most important second of your life any of them before you die.  People make a big deal about celebrities.  Here's some news for you.  People like Stephen Hawking.  If he never accepted Christ as his personal Savior, his first second after death was to have the ability to shock and horror at where he was and the truth of his existence.  To wake up in Hell.

Death is the equalizer of all mankind. The sentence of death due to the sin of Adam and Eve is on us all.  The only solution to it was for a perfect sacrifice.  Jesus was that perfect sacrifice.  Nobody else would do.  Our own good deeds of life don't even register on the scale compared to ONE sin let alone the countless billions we commit or have committed.  Forgiveness of sins, the wiping away of them all is only possible through Christ. 

Is your rights, your behavior, your lifestyle without Jesus worth it?  Is being right in your own eyes worth going to Hell for?
Is it worth an eternity in torment?   Is it?

Truth's what is coming for you if you die without knowing Jesus as your Savior and Lord.

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