Saturday, June 29, 2019

Freedom and Peace

It's early in the morning and my thoughts certainly are not my own.  I consider what thoughts of yesterday that were there. About family, about friends and about those whom are only acquaintances.

To see past what you are shown is, I think, a gift from God.  To have understanding that's outside of common sense. To just 'know' without understanding how you know.  The Holy Spirit can go places we cannot.  He can explain things that are unexplainable by man. Truth is at the center of His existence.  In much of life, like the days before Google Maps, He has the road atlas if we but ask.

When bitterness takes root, when idolatry has a foothold, when loneliness consumes, then temptation is at its peak.

The temptation to take things into our own hands. God's not doing anything so it's up to me. God doesn't care so I am on my own.  God left me so life is what I must make it.  He's not giving me what I want so I will do what I want.

Lies, lies, lies.

Again.  Lies, lies, lies.

Choice has been ours since the Cross of Christ. Choice to turn to the right or left. Choice to live for ourselves or for Jesus. Choice to be selfish or selfless. 

Satan has been around us our entire lives, just as Christ has been.  He knows what he sees that works in getting to us.  Discernment comes from God when we but ask. Letting go of chains that are not attached to us is the truth we cannot see. We believe we cannot let go of that sin or that desire or that temptation, but it can be done.  The love of God goes past all of that. Wrapped in a chain doesn't make it part of us. The lie is just that, to believe it's so much a part of us that we lack the strength to break it.  In Christ there are no unbreakable chains. 

In Christ Jesus, He said It is Finished!

Letting go means trusting in Him who has the strength to lift you up out of your bitterness, your loneliness, your despair.

Letting go and asking forgiveness breaks through where your strength always will fail. 

What have you held onto that needs to go?  Come back to Christ and ask Him to forgive you and let go of these chains that are not attached to your life.  Wrapped around you yes, but not attached to you.

Freedom and peace are what awaits you.

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