Sunday, June 30, 2019

If Only...

I was reading in Job. This is like my 11th or 12th time going through it. The most memorable being when I LISTENED through it.  I have it on MP3.

But, aside from learning that you can always learn something new, this time something new popped out to me.

For all their words, which are part of God's Word, they were rebuked for them. My guess is although there was something about their attitude the words were important enough for God to include them.

The part I was in today was prophetic in that Job wished that all this would be written down in a book.  He spoke his assignment before it was to be.

We who are in Christ ought to also write down what the Spirit is doing in us.  In Acts, it was the Spirit who spoke to Peter. Doesn't say the Lord as it was back a few chapters earlier when Saul was stopped on the road to Damascus.  Writing down or recording tends to make us remember.

We need reminding.  As funny as the movie was in "Flight of the Navigator" the robot ship explained what happened when he tried copying his star charts into the kids brain. He found out that the human brain leaks. It doesn't naturally allow us to recall everything. 

We need to remember the lessons we go through.  We need to be reminded of when God saved us, delivered us, kept us together or got us through life. It's important to us for things yet future when we face more things in life.

We despair easily. We get angry easily. We latch onto loneliness easily. We latch onto...well you get it.

We, like Israel, are prone to wander in our thoughts. Being self centered comes easily.  Focusing on what Jesus said and is doing is part of taking up our cross and following Him.

Start a Journal today.  Write down your feelings and things that God is doing in you and through you. Write down His blessings.  Write down your lessons.

You will indeed begin to see the fingerprints of God.

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