Monday, June 10, 2019

Not every day...

It's not every day that life has intense joy in it. For that matter it doesn't always have despair and grief.  But life does have lots of ups and downs.  Hills and valleys. Mountains to face. Giants if you will.

We all go through Monday's.  Sometimes Monday's carry over for several more days.

But in every moment of every day Jesus is there with me.  I will never pretend that I have it all together as a Christian.  I find my way just as countless millions before me as well as those alive today. 

It's the moments of the day where I can feel that I am being given a moment, a pause, to breathe, that I know that I am being held.  As much as we think we discover about the whys of life, we really don't.  Figuring out things is partly what God's gifted me to do with troubleshooting.  But in the Spiritual things, I am but an infant.  Learning every single thing every single day. 

I read my Bible and my devotionals.  I am, and hope that I never cease to be, amazed when something new comes to mind.

God is patient with me.  The ever present parent at every moment.  I have often been the Prodigal Son.  More times than the people who think they know me realize.  When my heart is where God wants it to be is when I realize that I am back again. That I am being held again. Being told that I am loved again.  I try to explain to God...but He puts a hand to my mouth and hushes me. Tells me He already knows. I am loved and need to trust Him. He's got this.

Realizing the need and repenting is the hardest part I think.  We often, at least it's true of me, make ourselves believe it's not that bad.  That we are doing rather well in our walk of life.   That's usually the time I hit a speed bump and it all goes flying.

My life isn't my own. We live in a world that teaches and pushes us to get the most out of life that we can.  Problem is for a Christian it's not our life anymore.
When Jesus told parables of the King or land owner sending workers into the fields, they weren't working AND doing their own thing too.  They had things to do for whom they were working.

In Corinthians we are told of and are given a description of the Spiritual body.  Each part has a specific purpose.

In the real world and the Spiritual there's a purpose to what each cell does. What each body part does.  If it's not working with the body then it's working against it.

It's either in need of help or removal.  Same thing in both worlds.  A tumor isn't left if the physician can help it.  A cancer isn't left if the way to deal with it is available.  In the body of Christ it's really the same.  Why do some Churches close while others do not?  Same reasons as the physical description above.  Why do some Churches who barely appear to be following Christ exist?  They are being given mercy in order to turn back else they too shall be removed. 

We have a part in the body.  Those who are Christians that is.  I will admit that finding that part has been difficult for me. I have been to 6 Churches in 19 years. I may indeed find the Bible being preached.  Might find Godly men leading.  But when you look at the body there, what condition is it in? Is there accountability? Is there discipleship?  Are there praying people?
Do they worship or go through a routine?
Is it more entertainment than worship?
Are you given a large bowl of sugary Spiritual food and leave not feeling it? Do you hear from anyone there during the week?  The body's got mechanisms to check on its various parts.  If people aren't  concerned about you as you are about them...well.  You know where that's going.
I pray about our direction when it comes to a Church.  To be where God wants us to be.  Even the city where God wants us to be.  We may not understand it but we obey.  You shouldn't feel alone in a crowded room at a church.  In many in 19 years that was the case.

Ups and downs.  That's where this post began.  All that I just talked about has to do with that.  Everyone goes through different kinds of days.  I have been through some dark valleys and crossed over many a mountain.  Have walked across flat land that used to be a mountain. God simply removed it.

Emotions go the same roller coaster.  Ups and downs.  The best part is God's promise of never leaving or forsaking us.
I am still learning it, but I know that I don't need to understand, that it's ok if I don't because He does.  What kind of people working for a King or land owner be if there wasn't some direction coming as to what to do and when to do it?  They would all be standing in the fields with their hands in their pockets doing nothing.

Prayer is not just our grocery list. It in itself is a mobile Communion with Jesus.
Consider Him before you, washing your feet.  Kneeling before you.  Taking each foot. Talking to you. You, like me, struggle with the idea.  My King is washing my feet?  Yet as He said, it has to be this way. He came not to be served but to serve.
That is you asking Jesus for the forgiveness of sins.  Sometimes we then know what's on our hearts and share it with Him.  Other times our hearts are so heavy that we can't speak.  It's enough to just be in His presence. 
Sometimes we just need that.  When Scripture says that He and the Disciples withdrew from the people, it doesn't say that they had a mini Conference.  He saw their need to rest.

Our breakneck speed in life runs contrary to that.  Stopping to rest. Never given a moment to slow down.  Too many things happening.  A high speed roller coaster that has surging highs and lows. 

Make the time.

No excuses.

Make the time to be with Jesus.

Be real with Him. He already knows anyway.  Be real with Him.  Be still.

Don't fight what He's doing in your life.  Be obedient. 

Make the time...see the difference.

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