Sunday, June 9, 2019

Why do you?

Sooo....why DO you go to the church you do?  I gather that, for those whom are believers in Christ, that you are going somewhere.

So what's your reason for going there to that specific place?  Is it the teaching? Is it out of a sense of obligation? Are you going because of ?  Fill in the blank.

For some reason "But sometimes it’s enough for him to know that some things are “non-optional social conventions”—you do them whether it makes sense to you or not." came to mind this morning and my guess is this is where God wants to take me.

Do you feel 'at home' there?  Are you connected with people there that keep in touch throughout your week?

Do you go for the warm feelings you get for a few hours each Sunday?

Does the teaching grab you and make you think? 

Do you go out of guilt?

A Church should indeed challenge you, should be a place to corporately worship your Savior.   You should feel at home there. Should feel welcome there. You should be taught there. Your relationships there should be more like family.

In recent years we have been to many churches.  Attempting to find one that truly reflects Christ.  In its relationships and teaching.  You should be able to speak directly to your Pastor.  Should be taught in challenging ways. Should be loved and to find joy in being with the others who are there.  To find these qualities has been difficult.  So many have given in to the concept of the mega church.  That to be successful it has to be huge.  Success in God's eyes is not the same thing as the world's definition. 

So I guess what Scripture that keeps coming to mind as I was thinking on what it is God would have me write today is the question of would He find the faith when He returns?   Why would He think to ask that?

With the churches that we have experienced, I can begin to get a glimpse of the why.   Where is the type of church that existed when it began? 

Technology has changed but the Scriptures have not.  The Scriptures are just as valid and adequate for today as they were 2,000 years ago.  God hasn't changed.  That only leaves man.

Worldly concepts have infected the Church.  Scripture warns that in the latter days men would accumulate teachers to tell them what they want to hear.  What would that be?  To be told that they are ok. That that lifestyle they live is ok. That we shouldn't feel guilty at what we do in life.  That accepting people totally as they are is more important than speaking the truth in love. 

So consider where you go and why.  Do you even need your Bible?   That's a huge one. 

My guess is today's message has to do with truth.  Seeking the truth in why you do what you do.  Not doing it out of a false sense of obligation. But going because you expect God to show up.  That true worship happens between you and Jesus.  Where you go and why should make sense.  You should be in a place where you are growing in Christ.  

Sooo....consider your why.

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  1. Amen AMen !! You should be challenged by the HOLY SPIRIT !!
    Your church should be a SANCTUARY for GOD and YOU !! You should feel humbled to attend !! Our church family should feel the same way !!